'Sea of Thieves' Open Beta: Beard Errors, Install Instructions And Everything Else You'll Need

Sea of Thieves is back for its final beta, and this time, everyone can join in. The Open Beta for Sea of Thieves is now live, so hop on your Xbox One or PC and set sail for adventure!

Finally, we can stop being so mysterious: the #SeaOfThieves Final Beta is now LIVE! It runs until Sunday 10am GMT and is open to everyone on Xbox One and Windows 10, so get yourself out onto the seas! https://t.co/0BZetpbTsF

— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) March 9, 2018

How Do You Get The Sea Of Thieves Beta?

Installation of the beta is a pretty straightforward process, but Rare has published an installation guide if you need any help. The installation steps are as follows:

PC Installation:

  1. Start the Microsoft Store
  2. Search for "Sea of Thieves Final Beta"
  3. Select "Install" once you've found the right page

Xbox Installation:

  1. Navigate to the Store on the Xbox One dashboard
  2. Search for "Sea of Thieves Closed Beta"
    1. If that doesn't work, search for "Sea of Thieves Final Beta"
  3. Once you find the right page, select "Install"

Of course, what would an open beta for a game be without annoying errors? Don't worry, because the developers at Rare have already compiled a list of probable errors you might encounter while playing the Sea of Thieves open beta. Fittingly, all the errors revolve around beards.

The list of Beard errors, including KiwiBeard, CinnamonBeard, BronzeBeard, AshBeard and more all have specific meanings, and many of them have easy fixes. For the most part, many errors can be fixed by quitting Sea of Thieves and relaunching the program. Other errors may require you to update your game, log out other users that may be signed into your console or your network was disconnected. Check out the full list to find your specific problem and solution.

It's also possible players won't be able to log on at certain times. Rare mentioned in a post that at peak times players may be restricted from signing on to help reduce load times for others. A Sea of Thieves status page has been created to check on how the servers are running at any given time.

Once you've installed and navigated past any possible error messages, you're finally into the Sea of Thieves beta! So, what can you actually do this time around? Plenty more than last time. New Merchant Alliance missions will be available for the first time, Xbox One X enhancements have been added for 4K gaming and there is the addition of Skeleton Forts.

A Skeleton Fort can be easily identified by an ominous cloud that hangs in the sky. Because the cloud is so prominent, it's possible other seafarers will be drawn to it as well. This means you can either work together to clear out the fort and earn riches, or act as proper pirates and wipe out both human and skeleton alike in your quest for loot.

Players are also free to stream their time with the Sea of Thieves open beta freely. If you don't have a PC or Xbox One to join in the fun, hop on Twitch or whatever your favorite streaming platform may be to watch all the action.

The beta will run until March 11 at 6 a.m. EST. This will be the final opportunity to play Sea of Thieves until the game officially launches on March 20.

So what do you think? Are you excited to sail the seas in the final Sea of Thieves beta? Will you hold off until the official release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.