'Sea of Thieves' Fishing Guide: How to Catch, Cook and Sell Every Fish Type Including Trophy

Find out everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves fishing, including how to catch, cook and sell fish to Merrick at Hunter's call, here.

Sea of Thieves Anniversary update dropped yesterday and with it came a ton of new features, including the ability to fish and cook. While fishing and cooking aren't all that difficult to master, Sea of Thieves doesn't give a lot of guidance on how to get started. In this guide, we've put together everything players need to know about fishing in Sea of Thieves including how to catch your first fish and different fish types and locations. We've also added quick tips for cooking and selling fish to Merrick at Hunter's Call -- including the Trophy Fish.

'Sea of Thieves' Fishing Guide: Everything You Need To Know

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Here's everything you need to know about Fishing in Sea of Thieves Rare

Getting Started: How To Equip, Cast and Catch

With the new Anniversary update, every player should now have a fishing rod in their inventory.

How to equip the Fishing Pole :

  • Go to your Item Radial (LB on Xbox One)
  • Choose the "More" option. You should see the fishing pole in your inventory items.
  • Select the Fishing Pole and press the "Equip" option to use it.

While not every fish type requires bait to catch it, but some types do. We'll discuss bait in more detail later in this article.

How to add bait to your Fishing Pole:

  • With your Fishing Rod equipped, go to your Item Radial (LB on Xbox One)
  • Press Y to go to your bait.
  • Select the type of bait to use.

Once you've equipped your Fishing Pole and added bait, it's now time to get to fishing!

How to cast pole and reel in

  • To cast, simply hold down the RT button on your controller and let go. The longer you hold the RT button the farther you'll cast your line.
  • To reel in the line press and hold the RT button again.

How to catch fish

Once the line is in the water, just hang out till you feel a fish bite. You'll usually see the fish circling the line in the water before you hook it. Once on the line, be prepared for your fishy friend to put up a fight. At this point, your instinct may be to reel him in, but that won't usually work. To successfully catch a fish you must tire him out. If you see your fish swimming to the left, pull your pole to the right. If it is tugging forward, pull backward. At certain moments, you'll notice the fish stops squirming. That when you should begin reeling him in. If he starts resisting again, stop reeling and continue to pull your line opposite of the direction the fish is moving until he tired again. You may have to do this a few times, but eventually, you'll reel him in. Patience and timing are key. If you reel at the wrong time, you'll break your line and have to cast again for a new fish.

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Fish Types, Locations and Bait To Use

There are 10 different types of fish in Sea of Thieves and they come in five different variants for a total of 50 different fish. The rarest fish of each type actually glow in the dark. There is also a Trophy Fish which you'll occasionally encounter. These fish are larger versions of the different types listed below. Trophy Fish will also sell for more at Hunter's Call posts -- the tiny outposts found in the ocean. Here are the different types, their locations and the best type of bait to use.

  • Splashtails
    • Locations: These are the easiest and most common fish in the game. You can find them anywhere.
    • Bait Type: No bait is needed to catch these.
  • Pondies
    • Locations: These fishes are only found in freshwater. You can find them at Devil's Ridge near the pond.
    • Bait Type: No bait is needed to catch these
  • Islehoppers
    • Locations: These are found around specific islands which are as follows:
      • Stone Islehopper : Cannon Cove, Crooks Hollow, Sailor's Bounty, Shipwreck Bay and Sharkbait Cove.
      • Moss Islehopper : Wanderer's Refuge, Marauder's Arch and Thieves Haven
      • Raven Islehopper : Discovery Ridge and Sharkbait Cove
      • Honey Islehopper: Crescent Isle, Sunken Grove, Plunder Valley, Kraken's Fall and Discovery Ridge
      • Amethyst Islehopper: (Only appear at night) Snake Island, Devil's Ridge, Crooked Masts and Smuggler's Bay.
    • Bait Type: No bait is needed to catch these
  • Plentifins
    • Locations: These are found at the Shores of Plenty.
    • Bait Type: Worms
  • Wildsplashes
    • Locations: These are found on the Wilds
    • Bait Type: Worms
  • Wreckers
    • Locations: These are found around Shipwrecks.
    • Bait Type: Worms
  • Ancientscales
    • Locations: These are found in the Ancient Isles
    • Bait Type: Leeches
  • Stormfish
    • Locations: These are found in the Storm
    • Bait Type: Leeches
  • Devilfish
    • Locations: These are found in the Devil's Roar
    • Bait Type: Grubs
  • Battlegills
    • Locations: These are found around Skeleton Ships and Skull Forts.
    • Bait Type: Grubs

How To Cook Fish

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A cooked fish will turn a bronzy, golden brown. Rare

Once you've caught your fish, cooking isn't too difficult. You can do it either on the skillet on your ship or by finding a camping fire on any island and cooking it there. Cooking your fish has a few benefits:

  • You won't get sick
  • You'll gain more health from cooked over raw fish.
  • Cooked fish sells for more.

How to know if your fish is cooked

Once you put your fish in the skillet, just watch for the color to change. After about 30 seconds or so, you should see your fish change to a pale brownish-beige color — similar to cooked chicken. Don't take it off the skillet yet. Wait longer and you'll notice the fish change to a bronzy golden brown color. This is the time to take it off the fire. If you leave the fish on too long, the color will change again to take on a charred appearance. Nobody wants a burned fish so it'll sell for a lot less.

How to cook Trophy Fish

As mentioned above, Trophy Fish are just a larger version of regular fish. They are harder to reel in and also take twice as long to cook. The will look the same as regular fish when they finish cooking, so just be patient.

How to Sell Fish: Finding Merrick and Hunter's Call

where is merrick hunters call Sea, of, thieves, fishing, guide, how, to, catch, cook, sell, trophy, fish, types, locations
Hunter's Call is where players will sell thier cooked fish and meat. Rare

Selling fish is a great way to earn gold and other in-game rewards in the latest Sea of Thieves update. But while players have grown accustomed to peddling their wares at Outposts, players selling meat and fish will need to take those to a new Trading Company set up by the merry Merrick. The company is called Hunter's Call. Hunter's Call posts are found at Seaposts — the tiny outposts found out in the ocean. If you take your cooked fish or meat to Hunter's Call you'll gain gold and reputation. As your reputation builds you'll move from level 1 - 50. As you move up the levels you'll unlock different cosmetic rewards like the Killer Whale aesthetic for the Fishing Rod, various ship parts and the Tankard. We'll be taking a more in-depth look at Hunter's Call in a later guide, but for now, this should be enough information to get you off on the right foot.

What do you think of Sea of Thieves' new fishing feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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