'Sea of Thieves' Hungering Deep Features, Cosmetic Items and More Revealed

The first major update for Sea of Thieves will release on May 29. The Hungering Deep update adds new game features along with a special limited-time campaign, giving players the opportunity to search for the truth about legendary pirate 'Merry' Merrick.

The Hungering Deep Permanent Additions

The Hungering Deep-themed drum added in the next update. Regular drums will also be a permanent addition Rare

The permanent additions coming in The Hungering Deep include new gear, cosmetic options and more. One of the most exciting new perks is a drum to bang on. This is a musical instrument, so now you can add percussion to your small "band" of pirates. Players also have new ways of communicating with others thanks to the speaking trumpet and flags. The speaking trumpet allows you to shout over long distances if you ever need any help. Flags can be used to communicate with other players as well, so you might want to brush up on your flag signalling. New tattoo and scar options are also included in the update to further customize your scalliwag.

Some fancy new tattoos and scars in Sea of Thieves Rare

The final new addition is kind of vague. According to the Sea of Thieves site, it says a "new threat" will be added as a permanent feature. I'm pretty sure this threat is referring to the "final boss" of the Hungering Deep campaign, but it hasn't been confirmed. Regardless, a new monster will be waiting out at sea starting on May 29.

The Hungering Deep Timed Additions

Along with the permanent new features added in the content update, Sea of Thieves will also host a limited-time event starting on May 29. This event challenges players to hunt down clues to find the bard 'Merry' Merrick. To get started on the adventure, talk to Bilge Rats in outpost taverns.

Players will then receive a series of clues and puzzles to figure out where to go to next. Eventually, players will find Merrick, but must help him "untangle his groggy recollection of events" and hunt for his nemesis. This nemesis is likely the vaguely mentioned sea creature above.

A ship decked out with the new Hungering Deep limited-time items in Sea of Thieves Rare

The Hungering Deep also includes a range of limited-time items, including Hungering Deep tattoo sets and scars. Players can also unlock a special set of sails, a new hull, a unique figurehead and a Hungering Deep-themed drum and speaking trumpet. These items all feature an image that looks like a shark's teeth, so perhaps that is foreshadowing for what the creepy, secret monster is.

Check back next week for patch notes detailing all the changes with the Hungering Deep update.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get your crew together to go on a new journey in Sea of Thieves? Are you curious to see how the flags and speaking trumpet change how you communicate with other players? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.