'Sea of Thieves' Legendary Storyteller Guide: How To Find Chest, Keys, Ancient Crown and More

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The hunt is on! You've slain the dreaded Captain Briggsy and captured the Shadowbreaker artifact, but now you must search for the artifacts missing stones in Sea of Thieves' third Tall Tale - The Legendary Storyteller. Below we've put together a complete guide to The Legendary Storyteller Tale. With this guide, you should be able to successfully make your way through every part of the adventure and claim the Ancient Crown. You can also check out our other Sea of Thieves Anniversary update guides and walkthroughs, here.

Part 1 - How to Start The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale

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Visit Tasha at Ancient Spire Outpost to begin this tale. Rare

To begin this adventure, you'll need to set sail for the Ancient Spire Outpost. There, go inside the Tavern and find Tasha. On the counter near Tasha you should see a book. INteract with it to bring up the "Vote for Tall Tale" option. Press X to vote for the Tale and your adventure is ready to begin. As with the previous quests, you'll need to chat with Tasha to get more information about your quest. You'll discover Tasha knew Briggsy as a child and used to listen to the Skeleton Lord weave her tales of adventure. She'll hand over some stories/drawings made after listening to Briggsy's tales. These will lead you to items you need to complete the quest.

Part 2 - How To Find Keys and Chest: All Story Locations

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There are six different stories you may receive as part of The Legendary Storyteller quest. Rare

Each player will get three out of six possible stories added to their book. Two of the locations will have keys and one will have a chest you need to find. Since the stories you get are random, we've listed all the stories and accompanying item locations.

  • Baddies Attack Location - If you get this story, you'll need to travel to Old Salt Atoll. Find the shipwreck there and dig in front of it. You should find a chest there with one of the items inside.
  • Fish Friends Location - If you get this story, head to Mermaid's Hideaway. You should see a big rock on the right-hand side of the island. You'll have to shoot yourself out of a cannon to get up there.
  • Treasure Adventure - If you get this story, travel to the Uncharted Island at K9. Under the water, you should find a shipwreck. Look for the chest very deep in the water. The location is difficult to describe so this video may be helpful to locate it.
  • Smallest Boat - If you get this story, head to Lone Cove. Find a cave and look inside for a shipwreck. You'll need to dig for the chest.
  • Naughty Man - If you get this story, head to Scurvy Isley. Look for a rock on the edge of the island and dig there.
  • Monster Hunting - If you get this story, head to The Crooked Masts. Look at the outskirts of the island and you should see a rock and next to it a tiny bit of a ship's mast is sticking out of the water. This is the location of the shipwreck. Go way down deep and you'll see the chest among the wreckage.

When you finish, you should have Briggsy's Chest and the Crown Key and Chalice Key for unlocking it. Completing this part of the quest will also unlock the Storied Crown and The Storied Chalice commendations.

Part 3 - How To Get The Ancient Crown

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Use the plank from Briggsy's chest to discover the location of the Ancient Crown. Rare

After you've got all the items, head back to the ship and unlock Briggsy's chest. Inside you'll find a carved plank. You should see a coordinate on one side of it. Follow those coordinates to your next island destination. Once you arrive at the island, take a look at the plank. You should see holes in it. Two of the holes will line up with prominent features on the island when you hold it up. The third hole will point to the location where you need to dig to find the Ancient Crown. Once you find the Ancient Crown, return it to Tasha and you will unlock the Tasha's Dream commendation. You'll receive Briggsy's Hat as a reward and unlock the next Tall Tale -- Stars of a Thief. You can gain an additional reward of Briggsy's Sails by completing the quest five times and finding the five Legendary Storyteller Journals.

Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale Journal Locations

  • Journal Location #1: found on Lone Cove inside the cave.
  • Journal Location #2: found on the north side of Mermaid's Hideaway in a barrel near the fire.
  • Journal Location #3: found on Old Salts Atoll inside the front part of the shipwreck.
  • Journal Location #4: found in the tavern at Daggertooth Outpost.
  • Journal Location #5: found at Galleon's Grave Outpost. It will be hanging from the tip of the galleon on the island.

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