Sean Hannity Rages That Prosecutors Treated Mobster Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano Better than Paul Manafort

Fox News host Sean Hannity accused special counsel Robert Mueller of treating targets of his Russia investigation—including President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort—worse than the notorious mobster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.

Hannity said Gravano, a former underboss of the Gambino crime family, had confessed to 19 murders but was allowed to walk away free from the courtroom and "rewarded" with the witness protection program because he gave evidence against mob boss John Gotti.

"Meanwhile, if you're not a notorious gangster, [and instead] a Trump ally, the wheels of justice are turning much differently," Hannity said during his show Thursday night.

The Fox News host said the new charge admitted by Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, that he lied to Congress about the president's business dealings in Russia "is just the latest example of what is Mueller's concerted effort to turn the screws on everyone who has ever associated with President Trump."

Among those Hannity said was treated unfairly by the special counsel is Manafort, who was convicted of multiple counts of fraud exposed by Mueller's investigation and awaits sentencing.

He avoided a second trial on accusations of conspiracy against the U.S. by acting as an unregistered agent of Ukraine's Kremlin-allied Yanukovych regime when he entered into a plea deal with Mueller.

But Mueller has since accused Manafort of violating that plea deal by lying repeatedly to the FBI on a variety of issues. Manafort insists he has spoken only truthfully to investigators. Both parties agree sentencing should be brought forward to as soon as possible.

"Paul Manafort, tonight, is willing to risk dying in prison than lie as the prosecutors would want," Hannity claimed, insisting that Mueller—who has closely guarded what his investigation knows—has no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

None of Mueller's targets, Hannity said, including Manafort, Gen. Michael Flynn, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, and George Papadopoulos, have "pled guilty to or admitted to anything related to Russia collusion."

He added: "There's no evidence of any Russia collusion. None of them are being tried for any crimes related to collusion."

Instead, Hannity said, Mueller has "spun out of control, left way beyond his mandate, laying just perjury traps, and literally trying to coerce people into what we call testi-lying."

President Trump brands Mueller's investigation a politically-motivated witch hunt against him, his family, his allies, and his associates.

But Mueller has notched up a significant number of indictments, guilty pleas and convictions in his probe so far, with more expected.

One of those on the target list is the president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who may have lied to the FBI about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016 between the campaign and individuals linked to the Kremlin touting dirt on Hillary Clinton.