Sean Spicer on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Why Trump Press Secretary's Stint on ABC Show Would Be Even Shorter Than His White House Run

Sean Spicer has plenty of practice dancing around questions fired at him by the White House press corps, but his next big gig could be on an actual dancefloor.

The outgoing White House press secretary is being courted by ABC producers to appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, reports Politico, citing two sources with knowledge of the ongoing casting process.

The prospect of Spicer dancing to "Spice Up Your Life" on national television is incredibly alluring, but reports fall short of confirming whether Spicer is actually in negotiations, or if he's even been approached with an offer yet.

ABC declined to comment when contacted by Politico. The network told USA Today, "We'll announce our Season 25 cast closer to our premiere date, Sept. 18."

Spicer announced his resignation on July 21 and, in a tweet, said he would continue to work under the Trump administration "through August."

There has been much speculation about what he might do next after his six months as President Trump's mouthpiece. Politico reports Spicer recently met with officials from all the major network news divisions, including ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC.

Appearing on Dancing with the Stars would be something of a left-field move for the wearied press secretary, though not without precedent.

In 2016, former Texas governor Rick Perry, now Trump's Secretary of Energy, competed on the reality competition show, dancing with Emma Slater.

Perry was eliminated second in the 23rd season of DWTS, continuing a recurring trend of political figures flunking out early in the competition. So, if Spicer decides to waltz with America, he might have a very short run.

Here is how Perry and other political figures fared on DWTS:

Rick Perry (Season 23)

Perry said he would use the nationwide platform of DWTS to promote his activism for U.S. veterans. He did the cha-cha-cha and the quickstep in his two-week stint, coming bottom of the scoreboard both weeks.

Tom DeLay (Season 9)

Former GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was a huge fan of DWTS and "jumped at the chance" to appear on the show in 2009.

DeLay and dance partner Cheryl Burke performed for three weeks before DeLay was forced to drop out of the competition due to a foot injury. His final performance, a samba, was the second-lowest scored dance of the third week of competition.

Tucker Carlson (Season 3)

Fox News political pundit Tucker Carlson was the first casualty of the ballroom when he danced with Elena Grinenko in the 2006 cycle of DWTS. They scored the lowest score—12 points—for their cha-cha-cha, the same dance that proved problematic for Perry.

"It's usually a sign you don't really know what you do with your life" Carlson said last year. "That's why I did it."

Jerry Springer (Season 3)

Better known as a talk-show host, Springer, the former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, fared better than Carlson in the third cycle of DWTS. He and Kym Johnson were eliminated seventh in Season 3, lasting around half the season.