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Health Hazards

Four years ago, Candice Jackson, then 12, racked up about $90,000 in uncovered medical bills because an uninsured driver hit her while she was getting off a school bus in Windthorst, Texas.

The giving Back Awards: 15 People Who Make America Great

With this issue, we launch our "giving back awards" in recognition of people who, through bravery or generosity, genius or passion, devote themselves to helping others. From hundreds of nominations, these folks were chosen for imaginative approaches to difficult problems. We hope they remind you of someone--maybe yourself.

The Gospel According to Anne

Sometimes Anne Rice won't leave her bedroom for days on end--and neither would you. Glass doors open onto a terrace that looks over the red-tiled roofs of La Jolla, Calif., to the Pacific Ocean.


John Kerry didn't want to get on his own campaign bus. It was just after Labor Day 2003, and the day before, Kerry had formally launched his candidacy with a forgettable speech, delivered while standing in front of an aircraft carrier in Charleston, S.C.

Mail Call: The Science Of Eating Right For A Heal

Readers prescribed their own strategies for good health in response to "The Perfect Diet," our Jan. 20 cover package. "Thank you for presenting a sensible approach to America's obesity epidemic," a nutrition therapist wrote. "If we equated a good diet with a good relationship, we'd realize that to sustain either, it takes work, patience, understanding and compromise." But most readers were cynical about the nation's will to change. "We don't need another pyramid telling us what and when to...

American Beat: Food Fight

How dumb are you, anyway? And, more important, whose fault is it? In the past couple of months, it has become clear that these two questions are increasingly central to understanding the American experience.The great debate over how ignorant we all are and who we can blame for it began in earnest in August, when three really fat teenage girls--how fat?