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Bienvenido a La Nanny State

The courts slapped down New York City Mayor Bloomberg's ban on Big Gulp sugary drinks, so he took his campaign south of the border

The Story of Willie

Nashville rejected him as a singer, but he turned out to be one of the best songwriters in history. This is how Willie Nelson—poet, author, activist, cowboy, outlaw, outcast, misfit, and everyman—became the enduring face of American music.

What's Next?

The fight for same-sex marriage will soon be won, but that isn't the only way the gay-rights movement can change America. A manifesto for an impending cultural battle.

Bolt Upright

Will lightning strike again in London? Or have the years of fast living finally caught up with the speediest man alive? A close look at the Jamaican record breaker.

Measuring Tsunamis

The NOAA took 20 years to develop a reliable tsunamograph, an apparatus that provides accurate, real-time data on tsunamis. It consists of an anchored, ocean-bottom pressure recorder and a companion buoy (called DART, for Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis).

The Rural Poor Shunned by China's Top Schools

Once upon a time, the rural poor were the beating heart of China, welcomed gladly at the nation's top universities. Now almost none of them attend, and with so few opportunities, poor high-school educations, and terrible public health, they're rapidly falling behind.

Black-Market M.D.s

A growing need for Hispanic doctors and the challenges of obtaining an American medical license have many Latin America–trained doctors practicing illegally.

A New Kind of Bollywood Film

Midway through Vishal Bhardwaj's 2009 movie Kaminey (Scoundrels), the hero is captured by thugs looking to recover $2 million in stolen cocaine. As the goons torture him to find out where he's hidden the drugs, they run into a problem: he stammers so badly that they can't get a word out of him.

Q&A: Obama on Dick Cheney, War and Star Trek

In a 30-minute interview aboard Air Force One en route from Washington to Phoenix last Wednesday, President Obama talked with NEWSWEEK's Jon Meacham about Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Dick Cheney—and Star Trek.

Mail Call: America's Battles

Readers of our July 21 cover story on America's conflicts had mixed reactions. One said, "Fareed Zakaria fails to distinguish between real wars and the War on Terror." But another advised, "Stick to the Pakistani border, where terrorists hide." A third simply noted, "When enemies talk, tensions go down." Defining WarFareed Zakaria's July 21 article "America Needs a War President" makes some dangerous comments about what war is, and what it is not.