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Test Wars

For one brief moment, after years of fear and loathing, America seemed ready to make peace with the SAT. When the University of California several years ago threatened to treat the test like a bad batch of cafeteria food and tell applicants not to buy it, the College Board junked the bewildering analogy questions (warthogs are to pigs as politicians are to what?), created a writing section (including producing an essay), added tougher math questions and more reading analysis--and had everybody...

Getting A Cyber Sweat

Haven't been to the gym in five weeks? Don't think your health club doesn't know about it. "It's kind of expected that 75 percent stop coming," says one trainer at a gym in New York. "Starting on Jan. 1, everyone goes nuts for the first three months and then they drop out and it's back to Jan. 1 again." The actual defection rate is not much better.