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Movie Review: Taking Joan Rivers Seriously

We know Joan Rivers can be tacky, abrasive, self-mocking. On her way to winning Celebrity Apprentice last year, she berated professional gambler Annie Duke, screaming "You're a pokah playah—that's beyond white trash!"And the second season of her TV Land series How'd You Get So Rich? in which she gushes over homes of the nouveau riche—the gaudier, the better—has just begun. But culturally significant? Turns out she's that too.

The Emmy Entourage

Maybe this is silly, but we've always found it charming when famous people get nervous around other famous people. When two-time Oscar winner Sally Field arrived for our first-ever Emmy Roundtable, America Ferrera, the radiant young star of ABC's freshman hit series "Ugly Betty," stayed bolted to the floor. "I'd go up to her, but I'd just say something dumb," Ferrera said. "All I could say is 'Hi.' I mean, what do you say to Sally Field?" Fortunately, "Entourage" nominee Jeremy Piven broke the...

How Two Lives Met In Death

Special Report: Suicide Bombings Have Driven The Conflict In The Mideast To New And Dangerous Levels. This Is The Story Of Two Teens Whose Paths Tragically Intersected: An Innocent Israeli And The Palestinian Girl Who Became A Walking Weapon Of Terror.

Happy Campers At The White House

How happy is Bill Clinton? Every day he makes a point of remembering what he was doing this time last year. Fighting the flu. Running behind in New Hampshire.