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Jordan's Abdullah: Memoirs and Mideast Upheaval

King Abdullah of Jordan has the good—or perhaps bad—fortune to have his prosaic memoirs published just as the Middle East is engulfed in momentous changes that began in Tunis a month ago, spread to Cairo, and now reverberate in other capitals, including, in a still-small way, his own.

Q&A: Iraq's Ambassador to U.S.

Iraq's ambassador to the United States backs the Petraeus plan, calls for Iran to 'stop interfering' in his country's affairs—and expects a continued American presence there for a long time to come.

Shot to Death

Summertime usually means vacation time for students, and Iraq is no exception. After a series of grueling exams at the University of Technology in Baghdad in mid-June, Mohammed Sumaidaie was looking forward to going home.

Terror Watch: FBI Grills Jack Kemp About Iraqi Contact

Former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp has been questioned by the FBI about his dealings with an Iraqi-American businessman who this week became the target of the first Justice Department criminal indictment in the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal, NEWSWEEK has learned.

'We Can Still Have Peace'

As one of Israel's most prominent doves, Shimon Peres has spent years trying to bring stability to his volatile region. In 1994, he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; early last year his Labor Party made the controversial decision to join a coalition government led by hawkish Likud rival Ariel Sharon.The center-left Labor Party's participation in the unity government cost the party considerable public support, especially...

'Saddam Will Use Everything Within His Reach'

Wafiq al-Samarrai knows many of Saddam Hussein's secrets. As director of Iraqi military intelligence during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the general was close to the dictator until defecting eight years ago.When he left, Sammarai brought with him important inside knowledge about the army as well as valuable information about Saddam's plans to hide Scud missiles.Sammarai now lives in exile in England, where he is a key player in the Iraqi opposition movement.

The Phantom Link To Iraq

Did September 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta meet with an Iraqi agent in the months before the terrorist attack? Last fall the Czech government provided the CIA with intelligence suggesting that just such a rendezvous had taken place.

The Phantom Link To Iraq

Did September 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta meet with an Iraqi agent in the months before the terrorist attack? Last fall, the Czech government provided the CIA with intelli­gence suggesting that just such a rendezvous had taken place.

A Deadly Passover... And A State Of Siege

Darkness fell inside Yasir Arafat's offices. Dozens of his guards, his cronies and members of his Palestinian government-that-used-to-be lit candles and scrounged for cigarettes, listening to Israeli guns and bulldozers demolishing the buildings around them.

The Road To September 11

It was a long time coming. For a decade, America's been fighting a losing secret war against terror. A NEWSWEEK investigation into the missed clues and missteps in a manhunt that is far from over.


Readers responding to our May 28 story on the reaction to President George W. Bush's nuclear missile defense program were unanimous in condemning the policy.

Mail Call

Not all Muslims have a secret agenda for world conquest," e-mailed one reader in response to our Feb. 19 coverage of Osama bin Laden's growing terror network.

Mission Impossible

REMINDERS OF SADDAM HUSSEIN'S RUTHLESS efficiency in crushing those who would challenge him line the road north to Iran from the city of Sulimaniyeh. The scattered stones of demolished villages attest to the 1988 ""Anfal'' campaign, designed to move Kurds away from the border.

Could The Rebels Really Rule?

The rebels who have risen up against Saddam Hussein have two powerful enemies. Saddam is one. The other is history. Theirs is a fractious past, full of vendettas and divisions threatening the very existence of the Iraqi nation - carved out of the old Ottoman Empire by Britain after World War I.

A Guide To The Gulf

CNN around the clock isn't enough. Even NEWSWEEK isn't enough. People want books about the Persian Gulf - they want everything they can find, including the Bible and the Koran - and they're snatching volumes from the shelves as fast as clerks can stock them.

More Than A Madman

Saddam reflects the passions and complexities of the Middle East--a land he has shaken to the core Empires forged by the sword need their heroes. One of Islam's most enduring figures is an eighth-century general, Tariq ibn-Ziyad.