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Alan Grayson, Outspoken Florida Congressman, Could Be in Trouble

Love him or hate him, everyone's got an opinion on Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson. And a new poll suggests more voters in his district fall into the latter column than the former. The Susquehanna/Sunshine State News poll has Grayson trailing Republican Dan Webster by 7 points.

The Filter: July 18, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories. PROMISES TO KEEP(Ashley Johnson, National Journal)As voters assess the candidates' competing visions, they must also weigh how likely either man would be to follow through on his promises.

The Not-So-Telling Detail

  Despite being a (cough) blogger, I'm the first to admit that our insatiable, Web-driven, 1,440-minute news cycle is annoying. Drudge. Halperin. Politico.

Clinton's Popular Vote Claim? Close--But Not Quite*

Have you heard the news? Hillary Clinton is leading the popular vote--at least according to Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, the former first lady crushed, creamed and/or clobbered rival Barack Obama 68 percent to 32 percent in Puerto Rico's penultimate primary.

Mail Call

A Clear-Eyed Assessment of the War in Iraq Readers of our cover story on ways to move forward in Iraq expressed support for our troops while acknowledging that with considerable military losses and no functioning Iraqi-run democracy, the war isn't going well.

To an Athlete Dying Young

Way back in a time, when life and death didn't go straight to video on your cell phone, my dad used to tell me tales of Harry Agganis, "The Golden Greek."Agganis was a Massachusetts schoolboy legend.

Online Mail Call

In his Feb. 1 Web-exclusive commentary, "Battleground of Ideas," Shadowland columnist Christopher Dickey says President George W. Bush has come to be seen in the Mideast as a caricature who talks about "strength and determination [while] projecting an image of stubbornness and confusion." The State of the Union speech defines the way an administration wants to see its world, Dickey says. "But its narrative is so foreign to the thinking of most people in the Arab world that they've come to hear...

Deconstructing The Bob Greene Affair

A sickly schadenfreude is pervading the coverage of Bob Greene's swift demise. A little over two weeks ago, Greene was one of the country's best-paid journalists, writing a four-times-a-week syndicated column for the Chicago Tribune.

The Hard Sell

In the middle of a 20-city book tour, E. Lynn Harris is getting just a mite frayed. At the Shrine of the Black Madonna bookstore in Atlanta, he has read from his new best seller, "Any Way the Wind Blows," his seventh novel full of racy bisexual romance.

Bring On The Baby Boomers

IF BOB DOLE HAD ONLY KNOWN. LAST THURSDAY night he was onstage at the Republican convention in San Diego, a proud World War II veteran denouncing the Clinton administration as a soft, baby-boomer ""corps of the elite who never grew up, never did anything real, never suffered and never learned.'' And where was President Bill Clinton on that night?

Barbara Bush: The Steel Behind The Smile

Barbara Bush likes to be seen taking the high road. When Kitty Kelley's tell-all biography of Nancy Reagan hit the bookstores last year, Mrs. Bush said it was "trash and fiction." She declared she would not read it.