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The Risks of Tanning

Despite objections from the indoor tanning industry, dermatologists present more evidence that there's no such thing as a healthy tan.

Protective Clothing for Fun in the Sun

Come summer, organic farmers Michelle and Danny Lutz of Yale, Mich., used to strip to T shirts and tank tops. But after Danny's repeated bouts with skin cancer, they learned the hard way that a typical white T shirt provides only the protective equivalent of an SPF-5 to -10 sunblock.

Health: Your Tan Could Kill You

Lesley Miller might not have known until it was too late. Five years ago a friend spotted a dark mole on her right shoulder and urged her to get it checked. "The dermatologist took one look and said, 'That has to come off'," remembers Miller, a fair-skinned south Florida resident who'd grown up at the beach. "It was terrifying."A biopsy confirmed the mole was melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.


By now, most humans know to wear sunscreen. But what about pets? "Just the fact that animals have fur doesn't mean that the sun can't harm them," says the Humane Society's Nancy Peterson.


AGI Dermatics has a promising skin-cancer drug now in trials. That's the good news--the bad is that the FDA hasn't approved it yet. But while the pharmaceutical company awaits the government's OK, it's found a quicker way to bring in money--boosting revenues 20 percent in each of the past three years.

Science and Your Health

Bigger girth, shorter lifespan?Obesity will probably cut two to five years off Americans' life expectancy during the next 50 years, according to a controversial new report in the New England Journal of Medicine.Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago contend that rising obesity rates have already reduced the average lifespan in the United States by up to nine months.


June 4 in Rome was the kind of day when police chiefs keep the espresso machines humming and the antacid tablets close by. President George W. Bush was in town, and anti-American sentiment was running riotously high.


It doesn't seem as though the skin beneath our clothes gets much sun--just look at those tan lines. But most clothes have an SPF of only 5 to 10, says Dr.

Health: Patch Up That Scar

Unless you're Harry Potter, friends probably don't admire your scars. So make them go away. Over-the-counter "scar sheets" from brands like Neosporin and Band-Aid are proliferating.

Tip Sheet

Summer GuideThe weather's finally warming up. Now what do you need to really enjoy your holidays this year? Tip Sheet took a quick look and found a number of things we can't live without.

Safety: Summer Survival

We hate to be a buzzkill. But the great outdoors can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Dr. Paul Auerbach, author of "Medicine for the Outdoors," gives his top tips on staying out of trouble this season:First, the obvious.

The Truth About Spf

With an ever-growing array of sunscreen products, it's easy to get confused about what to buy. Some basics: SPF (sun protection factor) ratings apply to a band of ultraviolet light called UVB, the key culprit in skin cancer.

Family Notes

Summer is a welcome break from school, but it's also a time when a lot of kids end up in the emergency room because of what are often preventable accidents.

Can Your Skin Be Saved?

Zits and blackheads. Clearasil and BufPufs. Remember your introduction to the confusing, frustrating, hope-filled quest for flawless skin? Skin envy starts at 12 or 13 and never really stops.