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Jeff Bezos Wants to Rule the World

The Amazon CEO has cornered online retail, jumped ahead in artificial intelligence with Echo, carved out a powerful spot in the media industry and is even dabbling in spaceflight. And he may be just getting warmed up.

Scientists Push the Boundaries of Human Life

It last happened about 3.6 billion years ago. a tiny living cell emerged from the dust of the Earth. It replicated itself, and its progeny replicated themselves, and so on, with genetic twists and turns down through billions of generations.

What If It All Melts

Imagine what will happen to our oil-based society if, as many believe, oil prices continue to rise. Of course we may end up powering our cars and heating our homes with new kinds of fuel, but the impact will go way beyond transport and energy, because oil is everywhere, invisible to the eye but a base ingredient in drugs, lubricants, textiles, cosmetics and plastics.

My Declaration of ... Well, Dependence

I live in an old-age home. It's not called an old-age home, of course. It has a fancy descriptive title that includes the words "classic" and "luxury." Homes such as mine like to use synonyms like "independent living," "assisted living" or "skilled nursing," but no matter what name you tack on it, it's just a place for old people.


If you were a New Yorker in the '70s, people were always asking if you'd ever been mugged. (No, but my apartment was burglarized. The lowlife fed my dog to keep her quiet.) In the early '80s, it was whether you'd ever made it inside Studio 54. (Took my teenage sister.) The '90s: have you met Jerry Seinfeld? (Stood behind him and his wife at the marathon once.) And at the moment there is one question we New Yorkers get wherever we go: did you see "The Gates"?Suddenly they were gone, all 7,532 of...

Arts Extra: Designing Men

Jacques Herzog, one half of the ober-hip Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, stood on the steps of Monticello last Monday as a golden twilight began to fall on the mountaintop mansion near Charlottesville, Va.

Life On The Leisure Track

Here's something for economists and other policy-makers to chew on: What if there were really no more jobs than we have now? Not just fewer jobs. Not merely a shorter workweek and earlier retirement.

War Of The Electronic Ants

RICHARD ERNSBERGER JR. You are a black ant, the commander of an ambitious colony nestled under ground in somebody's backyard. Your mission: to compete with a nearby colony of red ants for food and territory.

New Tales Of Terror

At the drear end of October, as feverish fall sinks toward the unquiet sleep of winter, the dead are vouchsafed a day to appear once more amongst the living.