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Stopping the Census Clock

At 11:03 on the morning of Nov. 20, 1967, a giant "census clock" in the U.S. Department of Commerce building in Washington marked the moment when the population of the United States reached the 200-million mark.

Boston Blog

Saturday, July 31 | 4:45 p.m. ETPat Wingert: Before Kerry's speech Thursday night, a select group of Democratic Party bigwigs were corralled into a holding room in the Fleet Center to watch the nominee's speech--and await their cue to head to the stage for the party's big show of unity amidst a shower of balloons and confetti.

Time For An Instant Fix

God knows that America Online has enough problems. There's that funny accounting business, its inability to meet ad quotas and all the untidy blame-mongering that follows the purchase of an elite media goliath by an overvalued Internet company. (I'm sure that everyone in the online service's Vienna, Va., headquarters felt great when CEO Dick Parsons began a sentence with the phrase "If AOL is going to live...") Given all those travails, does a broken promise about instant messaging mean a hill...