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Sounds Like Teen Spirit

The creators of Broadway's newest hit musical thought their show was dead in 2015. Rabid young champions of the cast album proved them wrong.

An Oral History of 'Broad City'

The creators and their collaborators—Amy Poehler, Kelly Ripa, Hannibal Buress and others—talk about the early days, the classic episodes and the show's legacy.

Painter Slams Trump Over NYT 'Enemy' Tweet

"A newspaper is the "enemy of the people"?," Richard Painter asked in his retweet of the president. "What does he want, a propaganda ministry? He's nuts. He thinks he's in Germany eighty years ago.

Trump Quotes Hannity In Tweet About McCabe

"Many in the deep state, well, they have other goals, as we report in our Hannity Watch on the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history and it's much worse than we thought," Hannity said in his opening remarks.