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The Real Story Behind the Detroit Riot

"Since the riots destroyed almost every shop on 12th Street (officially renamed Rosa Parks Boulevard in 1976), residents have had to walk several miles for groceries and other everyday supplies."

Jane Goodall's Jungles

Jane Goodall, who rocked science with her chimps, is as important and mesmerizing as ever, but for a very different reason now.

The Science of Heaven

Can consciousness exist when the body fails? One neurosurgeon says he has seen it firsthand—and takes on critics who vehemently disagree.

World May Be Entering a New Age of Peace

As the media keep reminding us, the world seems as violent as ever. Armed conflicts rack more than a dozen nations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Burundi, Somalia, and Colombia.

Begley: Let Them Eat Micronutrients

There is a good but sobering reason why "ending world hunger" has been a perennial hope of beauty-pageant contestants at least since Miss America contestants began naming that as their greatest wish: we haven't come close to doing it.