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Book Excerpt: 'Rethinking Thin'

PrologueThree obesity researchers were having breakfast at a medical meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, a few years ago when their talk inevitably turned to the Atkins diet.

Why Privacy Won't Matter

A friend takes your picture with her cell phone, and puts the phone back in her purse. But the gadget isn't dormant. It gets to work figuring out who you are, and sends that information, along with your precise location, to an organization that adds the data to a file it keeps on where you go and who you hang out with, as well as other things.

Descent Into Evil

He Was A Soldier, A Muslim Convert, And A Man Who Had Failed In Love And Business, Who Clung Tightly To A Teenager Not His Son. The Story Of A Journey Into Darkness And Murder--And The Investigation That Brought A Killing Spree To An End.

Under The Jackboot

It was the kind of story that people in Chechnya know only too well. In the deep of night, Russian troops clad in camouflage uniforms and masks surrounded the village of Krasnostepnovskoye.

Bobby At The Brink

Bobby Kennedy Seems Frozen In Myth. But The Real Rfk Was Complex, At Once Idealistic And Devious. The Inside Story Of The Cuban Missile Crisis--Where He Found A Way Out, And Grew Up.

Ipos: Jumping Over The Moon

You can hear them mustering in the streets, waving banners, shaking fists and shouting "I want my IPO." Investors see easy money being made, and expect a cut.

The Quiet Genius Who Brings It All Together

Slouched in the last row of the press section at the Microsoft antitrust trial in Washington, D.C., Bill Joy, the technology pooh-bah of Sun Microsystems, watches a government attorney cross-examine a Microsoft executive.

A Case Of Alarming Anarchy

INSIDE THE U.S. EMBASSY compound in Tirana last week, children wearing life jackets and helmets screamed as they waited for their saviors: U.S. Marine helicopters in flight from Bosnia to rescue them from the bloody free-for-all engulfing the Albanian capital.

I'll Do It My Way

IT WAS CHARACTERISTIC OF THE DOLE CAMPAIGN AND its candidate that it had no clear beginning: there was never a moment or even a day when he decided to run for president.

'I Know I'll Get Through This'

..EX.-FROM "DEN OF LIONS," BY TERRY ANDERSON. (COPYRIGHT) 1993 BY TMS CORPORATION. TO BE PUBLISHED BY CROWN PUBLISHERS, INC. The green Mercedes, sparkling clean in the weak morning sunlight, drifted to a gentle halt in the narrow road, just a few yards up the hill from the graffiti-covered monument to Gamal Abdel Nasser.

My First Date With Newton

Most of the time, you'll find me in the slow lane on the electronic highway, but Apple Computer, Inc.'s Newton MessagePad, introduced last week, held out an irresistible lure: total control over all of life's little details like my schedule, my address book and my endless "To Do!' lists.


It isn't every day you get to play God. That is, unless you've just bought SimLife. Fire up this brand-new computer game and make a few friends -literally You start by selecting, say, camels from the games palette of animals, placing a bunch of them on an arid, computer-generated plain.

1984 Michael Jackson Tour

After months of anticipation, Michael Jackson's troubled and controversial tour has finally kicked off in Kansas City and the enigmatic star is living up to his reputation as the reluctant Pied Piper of pop.