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A Guide to Denis Diderot's France

Philosopher and famed author Denis Diderot has inspired people for over three hundred years. Now, you can walk in his footsteps - literally - with this guide to Langres and Paris that reveal his incredible life and the impact it had on all around him.

Three Men Accused of Robbing Graves for Bronze Vases

Johnathan Miquel Brittain, 36, Colby Adam Humphries, 28, and Ronnie Dale Norton II, 31, all from Anniston, Alabama, were arrested and charged in the thefts of as many as 150 bronze vases that were taken from grave sites at at least two cemeteries and sold to a local scrap metal shop, according to authorities and court records obtained by Newsweek.

Meet the Flintstones

Recreated Neolithic homes at Stonehenge show ancient Britons were as obsessed by houses as we are today

The Hidden Grave

For centuries historians and treasure seekers have searched for the burial site of history's most famous conqueror. New findings offer compelling evidence that it's been found.