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The Sun Also Sets

Built in the boom years to house 30,000 of Spain's new middle classes, Valdeluz is now a ghost town - a monument to a generational catastrophe

The Bullshit Police

Inside a brilliant, nerdy, arrogant, sort of admirable, sort of insufferable movement that questions everything—and wants to upend the way you live and think.

My Turn: Brad Meltzer on Times Square Heroics

It may be that invisibility is the most beautiful part of any great tale. Most folks don't set out hoping to do something of great significance, after all; they just live their lives. That's why the next hero could very well be you.

25 Hottest Universities

College Guide: It's that time of year again, when high-school seniors and their parents gear up for the admissions game. In excerpts from our annual newsstand issue, here's what you need to know about the newest trends.

Bringing Down The Internet

If you wanted to write a science-fiction thriller about the day the Internet crashed, you'd start with a computer geek. Armed with nothing but a laptop and a high-speed Internet connection, he releases a fast-spreading computer virus that in a matter of minutes gives him control of thousands, perhaps millions, of personal computers and servers throughout the world.

Nuts And Bolts

It's hard to convey a sense of what really makes an army move. Television and movies tend to show only the most exciting parts of war--the combat, the tanks driving into action, the bombing, the airstrikes.

Out For Revenge?

Under the heat of the midday sun, a strong smell of urine rises from the sidewalks of the once fashionable Sabana Grande district of Caracas. Street stalls selling pirated CDs assail the eardrums with clashing rhythms.

Sweet Dreams

With a taste 600 times sweeter than sugar, Splenda, the uber-sweetener in the yellow packets, is apparently on to something even better than the real thing.


On Sept. 21, 2001, Scotland Yard's antiterrorist branch raided the London home of flight instructor Lotfi Raissi. They immediately saw the Algerian's framed pilot's certificate on the wall, and grinned.

Nsa Confidential

The CRITIC arrived at the National Security Operations Center in the early evening. Short for Critical Intelligence, it is the spy world's highest priority message, used only to report an event of critical importance to the nation.


Of all the new, new things that came to seem old over the last year, the near hysteria around the "mobile Internet" in Europe was in a class by itself. Techno-gurus and telecom companies proclaimed the coming of a "third generation" of mobile telephones in the next two to four years.

The Fatal Plunge

Almost all airline crashes begin as mysteries, but the crash of EgyptAir 990 began more mysteriously than most. The Boeing 767 dropped into a black sea in the dead of night.

Makes Me Wanna Holler

With President Clinton and practically every other politician in the country focused on the growing concern about violence, an extraordinary new memoir by Nathan McCall provides a riveting, first-person account of how even a bright young black man from an intact family can be lured into a life of crime.

Return Of The Wolf

Are they big and bad--or the inspiring symbol of the wild? Either way, packs are coming back. Now, can they return to their ancestral home in Yellowstone?

Fans, Start Your Engines

Summer movies are nothing if not fun so let's have some fun with Days of Thun. den This is the one in which Tom Cruise plays a race-car driver on the NASCAR (stock car) circuit.