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Turkey Pushes Syrian Refugees to Return Home

With the world conceding that Bashar al-Assad has won the war in Syria, refugees in Turkey are trapped. If they return home, their lives are in danger. If they stay, they face uncertainty and destitution.

Sex Slaves on the Farm

Sex trafficking flourishes where men work in isolation; lately, that's meant even the dark corners of America's farms.

Italy's Cement Stimulus

in what has to be Europe's most ill-considered stimulus plan yet, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently proposed allowing owners to expand single-family homes by 30 percent, or 35 percent including "green" additions, with no need for approvals.

Boston Blog

Saturday, July 31 | 4:45 p.m. ETPat Wingert: Before Kerry's speech Thursday night, a select group of Democratic Party bigwigs were corralled into a holding room in the Fleet Center to watch the nominee's speech--and await their cue to head to the stage for the party's big show of unity amidst a shower of balloons and confetti.

Out Of The Box Thinking

Bob Cooper can't pass a Costco without stopping. The California wine connoisseur has filled his cellar with more than 1,000 bottles purchased off the wooden shipping pallets at the no-frills warehouse club.

Shadowland: A Lesson In Fear

The politesse of the torturers was hard to take. Even after four Western journalists were freed last week from Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison, they seemed puzzled by their inquisitors' comportment."They were disconcertingly polite," remembers Matthew McAllester, a rugged young Scotsman who reports for Newsday.He was not tortured himself.

Sculpture For The Soul

You wouldn't think that, in times like these in New York City, the two most uplifting art exhibitions around would be of modern sculpture. (Looking at pictures tends to make us happier than looking at objects.)And not only are the shows of modern sculpture, but of objects of unpainted, unadorned, blackish and brownish metal.

The Big One

The outside limit of survival in a collapsed building, rescue experts say, is about a week, although as a rule the great majority of victims succumb within 72 hours to dehydration, shock or compression of the internal organs.

Supreme Mystery

When George Bush nominated him to the U.S. Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas stood on the Kennebunkport lawn and, with tears in his eyes, thanked the nuns who had set him on the road to success.

Yeltsin's Challenge

Back from the political dead, a scrappy iconoclast puts a scare into Mikhail (Gorbachev and confronts President Bush with an awkward dilemma By day he is Boris the bold, scourging the Soviet Communist Party for its lies, conceit and bootlicking hypocrisy.