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Tickets, Please

Some of my most prized possessions line the top of my bedroom dresser. There's the silver-framed graduation photo of my husband, André, and I taken the day he received his master's degree.

Torino By the Numbers

If you love sports, chances are you love statistics, too. Stats are, unscientifically speaking, 56 percent of the fun of sports. So let's take a look inside the numbers of these Torino games so far.

Children Of The Revolution

Maciej Mataczynski and a free-market Poland were made for each other. Fluent in English and German, trained at Harvard and The Hague and now teaching international law at the University of Poznan, the 27-year-old Pole is a model of Western-style ambition.

Calcium Overload

Calcium doesn't grow in orange groves, but it abounds in orange juice these days--not to mention margarine, breakfast cereal, pancake mix and energy bars.

Megamergers--Now And Forever

The Economist of London recently announced that U.S. corporations have embarked on yet another merger wave. Well, not exactly. True, megamergers are on the rise.

Taking Over Health Care Reform

As the Congress debates, the health-care industry is already remaking itself. Here's a recent sampling of the biggest mergers and alliances: August 1994American Home Products, the maker of Advil and Jiffy Pop, launches a hostile bid for the drug company that makes everything from antibiotics and children's vaccines to Centrum vitamins and FiberCon laxatives.Value of the deal: $8.5 billionJuly 1994The pharmaceutical giant buys the McKesson Corp.

In A Pond Of Their Own

MOST ROCK FANS WANT TO INTROduce you to their favorite band. But when word got out that Phish's new album, "Hoist," would include a song or two that might-just might-get played on the radio, the grumbling started.