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Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Elected Brazil's President

Jair Bolsonaro, dubbed the "Donald Trump of the Tropics," clinched the presidency with 55.1 percent of the vote, despite concerns about his misogynistic and anti-gay rhetoric. What's at stake for Latin America's largest country?

Obama's Message to Young Americans: No Excuses, Vote

"Here's your chance to vote for people who actually know what the internet is," Obama said. "You wouldn't let your grandparents pick your playlist. Why would you let them pick your representative who's going to determine your future?"

The Lies That Could Still Sink Brett Kavanaugh

"Is he threatening the Democrats?" asks former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman about Brett Kavanaugh. "Is he threatening people who oppose his nomination? We don't need a Supreme Court justice who is going to use his position to get revenge."