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Seniors Are Having Lots of Sex

Now, more than ever, academic researchers are studying how much sex is being had by senior citizens. And the early consensus is that the Viagra era is officially in full swing.


The phrase "shifting and heading south" used to be a private joke in my family. It referred to a corsetiere's solemn pronouncement when she evaluated my sister's breasts for a brassiere fitting.

Health: Easing The Drug Crunch

Not long ago, Lorane Lansaw had to make an impossible choice: eat three meals a day or take her 20 medications. Living alone on Social Security with no prescription benefits, $510 a month for meds was more than the 67-year-old Iowan could afford.

Kiss The Girls (And Boys)

The Family Research Council has taken offense at everything from "Friends" to "American Pie"-in short, some of the most successful pop culture in recent years.

Looking Beyond Viagra

When you think of erectile dysfunction, you think of--what else?-- Viagra! Introduced less than two years ago, the first and only impotence pill now tops $1 billion in annual sales worldwide.

Too Much Privacy Is A Health Hazard

Most patients like what they see on the computer monitor on my desk. There are lists of their medications and medical problems, laboratory results and reminders to do mammograms.