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Macy's Holiday Advertisement Debunked

"Additionally, if you saw a collection of images on social media, please know that those were actually product images that were cut and pasted together rather than an advertisement from Macy's."

Are Young People the New Old People?

Ever since then-candidate Barack Obama inspired young people to join his Facebook group, visit his Web site, and caucus in Iowa in unprecedented numbers, progressive activists have been wondering if young people can be mobilized permanently, not just during the campaign season.

Mail Call: A Turbulent Time

Readers of our Nov. 19 issue's coverage of 1968 were divided on how much that year still shapes the West. "We are who we are today in Europe thanks to the '68ers," one remarked.

And What a Turbulent Time It Was

"1968: The Year That Changed Everything": Readers commented on the '60s and the watershed year 1968. One said, "I graduated from Princeton in 1968, and the 1968 you present barely resembles the one I remember.

What Really Happened That Night at Duke

They spent a year accused of kidnapping, assault and rape. Now, though, the three Duke lacrosse players were told they were 'innocent.' The inside story of the infamous evening.

Imus: Race, Power and the Media

As he spoke, Don Imus had no inkling—none, he later told NEWSWEEK—that he had said anything that would cause him trouble. Wednesday, April 4, started and finished like any other day for the talk-show host.

The Coolest Mogul

No flashbulbs go off when Jay-Z enters the small downstairs lobby of Soho House, an exclusive hangout looking down on Manhattan's trendy meatpacking district.