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Alter: Education Is Top Priority for Gates

There\'s a backlash against the rich taking on school reform as a cause. Some liberals figure they must have an angle and are scapegoating teachers. But most of the wealthy people underwriting this long-delayed social movement for better performance are on the right track.

Obama, Clinton, and Clean Energy

Shortly after the 2008 election, President-elect Obama told close aides he wanted them to \"think big.\" Rahm Emanuel, soon to be chief of staff, argued, \"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.\"

Alter: How Obama Can Fight the Lies

President Obama is our era\'s Illustrated Man. His enemies—and even some of his ostensible allies—have been busy for three years painting Obama as some kind of alien threat. His name, race, exotic upbringing, and determination to reach out to moderate Muslims have given those who would delegitimize him a fresh palette of dark colors.

Why Pro-Regulation Americans May Vote GOP

With Wall Street reform added to health care, President Obama is now two-for-two on his major domestic initiatives. If you include big bills expanding college loans and cracking down on credit-card companies (further strengthened in the new Dodd-Frank financial legislation), he's four-for-four.

A Timetable for Withdrawal in Afghanistan

Last veterans day, Barack Obama and Gen. David Petraeus had a polite but pointed exchange in the White House Situation Room. The president wanted to know why the Pentagon needed 21 months to send 40,000 troops to Afghanistan when it had taken only six months to send a similar number to Iraq in 2007.

Alter: Obama, BP, and Theodore Roosevelt

The BP spill is a failure not just of technology but ideology. That oil flows into the ocean from the deregulatory tide of the last 30 years. President Obama is right to compare the fiasco to 9/11.