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100 Best Movies Under 100 Minutes

Great short films make every frame and minute count, such as Wes Anderson's sprawling "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and the Coen brothers's suspenseful thriller "Fargo."

Returning Home, Clinton Reflects on Her Historic Campaign--and Gestures Toward a Second Act

NEW YORK--At Hillary Clinton's election night event at Baruch College in Manhattan Tuesday evening, which began shortly after Barack Obama clinched the 2,118 delegates needed to claim the Democratic nomination, defiance was in the air--even as the candidate delivered remarks that blended resolve and reflection in equal measure, but came to no definite conclusion. "This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight," she said. "In the coming days, I'll be consulting with...

Riddim Nation

Jamaican music is suddenly the ubiquitous chaser to this summer's nasty shot of a heatwave. Rising star Cham's "Ghetto Story" single was a monster hit in Jamaica; an album of the same name was released in the United States this week.

Keeping It Real

For many intellectuals, the ideal of Blind Justice, impartially weighing her scales, went out the window about 80 years ago. At Yale Law School in the 1920s and '30s, a highly influential group of scholars called the Legal Realists argued that the law was not a set of fixed, unchanging rules--"not a brooding omnipresence in the sky," as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once put it.

Mail Call

Readers didn't mince words in responding to our cover story on the last season of "Friends" after a remarkable nine-year run. One wrote, "With the economy sinking, joblessness rising and our soldiers dying daily in Iraq, couldn't you focus on a genuine crisis in America?

That '70S Movie

Near the end of "A Decade Under the Influence," one of two new documentaries celebrating the so-called "golden age" of 1970s Hollywood, Francis Ford Coppola likens today's low-risk, corporate Hollywood to a pharmacy that only sells two products, tranquilizers and Viagra.The great thing about back then, when the likes of Coppola and Scorsese, Altman and Bogdanovich, Friedkin, Mazursky, Polanski, Ashby, Woody Allen and Peckinpah radically altered the American cinematic landscape, was the fact...

Sims Family Values

America's Hottest Pc Game Is Moving To The Net, Where Thousands Of Players Will Interact And Live Virtual Lives. Is This The Future Of Home Entertainment?

Still Waiting For Mickey

Late last year, it seemed appropriate for Hong Kong to grovel for a big-time theme park from Disney. The Asian financial crisis had jolted the city's economy.

Why We Did It

In August 1945, the GI's waiting to invade Japan had no doubt about the wisdom of obliterating Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons. Upon hearing the news, "we whooped and yelled like mad, we downed all the beer we'd been stashing away," one dogface later recalled. "We shot bullets in the air and danced between the tent rows." Paul Fussell, a 21-year-old second lieutenant leading a rifle platoon, remembered that "for all the fake manliness of our facades, we cried with relief and joy.

No Sex, Just Sales

He doesn't do e-mail. He doesn't "surf" the Net. He doesn't answer his voice mail. In fact, he doesn't even have voice mail. If you're looking for directions to the Information Highway, Charles Wang isn't your ideal guide. "Hey," says the chief executive officer of Computer Associates International.

The Newsweek 100

Radio consultant. He created the standard rock format that makes stations sound exactly alike from Maine to Miami. If you like it, tell Lee. If not, tough luck.

Pay Me, Or Get Off My Land

Think you've got real-estate headaches? Don't complain to developer David Lucas. In 1986, he shelled out $975,000 for two beach lots on the Isle of Palms along the South Carolina coast.

Pay Me, Or Get Off My Land

Think you've got real-estate headaches? Don't complain to developer David Lucas. In 1986, he shelled out $975,000 for two beach lots on the Isle of Palms along the South Carolina coast.

Supreme Conservatism

Among the scholars and the scribes, it is known simply as Footnote Two. No case name, no docket number, no decision date--no need for any of that. In only a few months, this squib of tiny print has become the harbinger of the new era at the U.S. Supreme Court.