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Smart Cities Need Public Art

To ensure smart cities have a human heart, urban planners should center artists from the jump—and that includes giving them access to groundbreaking data and technology.

'Entrepreneur' is a Limiting Word. Don't Let it Be

There are all sorts of entrepreneurs. There are people seeking out investors for grandiose ideas meant to change the world. There are entrepreneurs that quit their jobs and struggle to get by for months, maybe years. Then there are entrepreneurs like me, who work a day job, and our entrepreneurial efforts become our night job.

HBO To Air Controversial 'Leaving Neverland' in March

Wade Robson and James Safechuck — whose court testimony in 2005 helped acquit the late singer of alleged improper contact with young boys that haunted him during most of his career — completely changed their tune in Reed's documentary, in which they star. They were adults at the time of the 2005 trial.