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How to Be a Real Man

The old rules don't work—as I've learned being married to a powerful woman. Here's what I'm telling our son about modern manhood.

An 'Exercise Snack' Plan

You don't have to train for a marathon or pump iron to burn calories. How to make the most of the workout opportunities that are built into your day.

The Threat From Within

This may be the first generation in which children live a shorter life span than their parents. If this were caused by a new virus or pathogen, or if some madman was harming our children, there would be a call to action from most parents, an uprising and an uproar.


So Moses turns for advice to his public-relations man as he's wondering how to cross the Red Sea, according to a story Larry Ross told in New York last week.And the guy says, Here's what to do: stand at the water's edge and raise your staff, and the sea will part for you and then the Egyptians will all drown.And Moses asks, Is that really going to work?And the PR guy says, I don't know, but if it does, I can guarantee you two pages in the Old Testament.The point being, behind every great man in...

American Beat: Chewin' The Fat

You may have heard that America is fat. You may have heard that nearly two-thirds of us are overweight and 31 percent of us are obese. You may have even heard last week that the Department of Agriculture will soon decrease the number of calories a person should eat every day, an admission that there's no point in designing diets for the healthy average American when the healthy average American no longer exists.WE MUST BE fat.

Do Working Parents Make The Grade?

Whenever I mention that I am studying how kids see their working parents, the response is electric. People are fascinated. Parents want to know what I have found, but inevitably they are nervous, too.

Keeping Teens Off The Street

Edna Pemberton decided she had seen enough. Five teenagers-two of them 14-attacked a 25-year-old woman near Pemberton's home in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas.