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Governor Defends Hyde-Smith 'Public Hanging' Comment

"Absolutely we have been sensitive to race relations in this state," Bryant, who has been criticized for declaring April "Confederate Heritage Month," said during a press conference held in conjunction with Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith Under Fire For 'Public Hanging' Comment

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith has drawn ire on social media for her comments during a Nov. 2 campaign appearance in Mississippi. The senator was caught on video saying she would be "on the front row" at "a public hanging" if invited by a Mississippi cattle rancher.

Corporations Own the Internet, Not People

It's not just that most of those whose data made it to Cambridge Analytica did not consent to that transfer, but it's also the case that Facebook has vast troves of data even on those who refuse to use its services.

It Doesn't Just Look Real--It Is Real

Lou Mazzucchelli grouses about "Star Wars" a lot. No, it's not that he wishes the later movies were as good as the first ones. It's those holograms that the characters use for Jedi videoconferencing, like the one R2-D2 projects of Princess Leia's pleading for help. "That image set expectations so high," he says with a sigh, "it's frustrating for the industry."The 3-D industry, that is.

Getting The Point

Five years before "embedded media" hit the lexicon, Rolling Stone writer David Lipsky scored unprecedented access to West Point (and a $450,000 book deal).

The Future Of Internet Cafes

Amid the neon, rush and hustle of Times Square, nestled right next to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum on 42nd Street, is a unexpected sanctuary of quiet: the world's largest Internet cafe, a home to vagabond surfers from around the planet, 24 hours a day.

The Matrix Makers

One Year, Two Sequels--And A Revolution In Moviemaking. An Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes Of 2003'S Hottest Flicks.

Travel: Spit-Ups At 10,000 Feet

You've just boarded a transatlantic flight with two kids, a stroller and a diaper bag. As you make your way up the aisle, other passengers avert their eyes, their body language shouting: "Please, don't sit here!" You know well the acute sense of relief they feel as you limp past them on your way to the back of the plane--after all, you used to be one of them.