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Galicano Solares lives beneath a highway overpass in a dank Manila slum. His on-again, off-again construction job pays $4 a day, considerably more than he earned in the gold mines of Bicol before he moved to the city in the late 1980s.


Fixing the BrainReaders of our June 24 Next Frontiers report on the brain were full of praise for the coverage. One reader thanked us for the cover story on "updated technological advances aimed at easing human suffering."Hope for a Healthier FutureThank you, NEWSWEEK, for your Special Report on medicine and technology ("Fixing Your Brain," The Next Frontiers, June 24).

Mail Call: Hope For A Healthier Future

Our June 24 Special Report, "Fixing Your Brain," prompted many readers to hail the merits of new medical technology. One thanked us for making "all the galloping information and advances in medicine readily accessible to the general reader." The mother of a long-suffering epileptic was hopeful that her son's seizures would eventually be curtailed and "the new technology would help this dream come true." A survivor of a rare form of malignant brain cancer who had undergone technologically...

A Dangerous Wind

They told Terumi Terunuma not to worry. "You can wash clothes, bang the dust off futons and, when it blows, the wind will carry everything away," promised a local official when she phoned in a panic after Japanese television reported a nuclear accident in her town.

Can It Happen Here?

When a uranium- processing plant north of Tokyo leaked a burst of radiation last week, housewife Terumi Terunuma called town hall to find out what to do. Tokaimura is a company town for Japan's nuclear industry, home to 15 separate facilities.