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New Galleries Heat Up New York's Art Market

The financial crisis may have been the best thing to have happened to New York's art scene since Andy Warhol. At its peak in 2007, the market was certainly ripe for a takedown: too many galleries selling subpar work at inflated prices, centered in one neighborhood—Chelsea—where prohibitive rents allowed only the most commercially successful to survive.

Mail Call: Bullish on Obama

Readers of our cover package on Barack Obama's emerging world view reflected the excitement his candidacy generates. One saw him "as everything good in America." Another awaits "an America less unilateral and hubristic." And after the last eight years, one noted, "Obama can only shine." How the World Views Barack ObamaHaving read your July 28 cover story, "Obama Abroad," I must say that here in Africa, we see Barack Obama as living history.

Blood, Sweat and Peers

After 10 years as a clinical endocrinologist, Dr. Matthew Corcoran, founder of the Diabetes Training Camp, was frustrated. Having seen thousands of patients—as assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago Hospitals and most recently as a physician in Lehigh Valley Hospital's diabetes and endocrinology group—he wondered why more wasn't being done to prevent the very complications he spent so much time trying to treat.

Book Excerpt: 'The Good Husband of Zebra Drive'

It is useful, people generally agree, for a wife to wake up before her husband. Mma Ramotswe always rose from her bed an hour or so before Mr J.L.B. Matekoni—a good thing for a wife to do because it affords time to accomplish at least some of the day's tasks.


Desert sand and temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius might deter some skiers, but not Mickdad and Minhal Bhojani. Whenever they need a downhill fix, the teenage brothers simply head to Ski Dubai, the emirate's new $275 million artificial ski dome, which opened three months ago and features five runs. "Skiing here is different from skiing in the mountains," says their father, local businessman Abbas Bhojani. "[But] it is made to look natural and the ambience is good." The boys practice ski jumps...

Mail Call: Trendy Tech Toys

Our Sept. 26/Oct. 3 double issue on entertainment miffed readers who hated what the new tech gadgets represent. "What are these people escaping from?" asked one, then answered, "The real world and its unsolved problems." Said another, "You aren't promoting a trend, you're just reflecting it."Your Sept. 26/oct. 3 cover picture ("The Future of Entertainment") helps make sense of the problems that today's techno-obsession is creating.

Making Their Own Breaks

When Singer Gilli Moon moved from Sydney to Los Angeles 10 years ago, she flung herself into meeting record-industry execs, arranging gigs and scraping together a living. "I didn't know anybody, I didn't have any money, but I worked very hard," she says.