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'State of Decay 2' Preview

\"State of Decay 2\" is a good game buried underneath a pile of janky bugs and performance issues. Can Undead Labs breathe life into it in time for launch?

Mercury in Retrograde Now, Stumping Scientists Always

\"Mercury is just so weird and so exotic compared to the Moon and other terrestrial planets,\" Kathleen Vander Kaaden, a planetary scientist at the engineering company Jacobs Engineering Group working on a contract at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas, told Newsweek.

Here's Our 'God of War' PS4 Hands-On

The new \"God of War\" turns a bloodthirsty demigod into a thoughtful father, and the franchise has never been more exciting. Check out our hands-on review ahead of the release, here.

Sherman Alexie Accused of Harassment by 10 Women

\"There are women telling the truth about my behavior, and I have no recollection of physically or verbally threatening anybody or their careers. That would be completely out of character,\" Alexie wrote in an apology.