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The Fight for Black Men

There are more African-Americans on probation, parole, or in prison today than were slaves in 1850. It is not a crisis of crime. It is a crisis of people being left behind.

Things Still Fall Apart

The great Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe has died at the age of 82. Novelist Uzodinma Iweala celebrates his memoir of the Biafran war.

South Africa's World Cup Legacy: Jamie Redknapp

As the 2010 FIFA World Cup began this weekend in South Africa, one of the big questions was whether the country was up for the challenge of hosting the world's most popular sporting event. Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of tickets had gone unsold. Construction and infrastructure projects had been beset by delays and obstacles. Violent crime, a seemingly intractable problem, had gone unabated.

Ted Kennedy and His Faith

As little children, they went to mass each week, and every day in the summertime. "We always had a rosary on our beds; and then, of course, [Mother would] hear our bedtime prayers and do our catechism with us," said Patricia, the sixth of Joseph and Rose Kennedy's nine children, in her mother's memoir, Times to Remember.

Letters to the Editor: The Most Influential

Our year-end cover package profiling 50 of the new global elite elicited many responses. While some hailed trailblazers such as Barack Obama and scientist Jay Keasling, one questioned the omission of U.N.

Finding and Seeking

How different would the world be today if George Harrison, the introspective Beatle, hadn't chanced to pick up a sitar during the filming of "Help!" and start plinking away at it?

9/11: A Special Slide Show

Why did some Bush administration officials--including Vice President Dick Cheney--still lend credit to disputed reports of an April 2001 Prague meeting between 9/11 leader Muhammad Atta and an Iraqi spy even after the 9/11 Commission concluded the encounter probably didn't occur?


On first arriving in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to take command of the Continental Army in midsummer, the forty-three-year-old George Washington moved into one of the largest, most elegant houses in town, a gray clapboard Georgian mansion half a mile from the college on the King's Highway.

'Just Like High School'

Twenty-eight years old and already feeling burned out, comedy writer Rodney Rothman decided to escape Los Angeles and retreat to the only place he'd ever really felt relaxed: Florida, where he had visited his grandparents as a kid.


One day, you become a leader. On Monday, you're talking and laughing with colleagues about life and work, and gossiping about how stupid management can be.

Bratislava Encounter

Not long ago, the notion of holding such a high-level meeting in the Slovakian capital would have been unthinkable. But since its citizens elected a center-right government in 1998--ousting populist strongman Vladimir Meciar--the central European nation has been one of Washington's staunchest supporters.

Starr Gazing: The Curse of the Rivalry

I don't know any Boston Red Sox diehards who weren't rooting almost as fervently for the Minnesota Twins against the New York Yankees as they were for their own team against the Anaheim Angels.Yet each confessed to a nagging suspicion that if our cursed championship drought is ever to end--86 years and counting--it might require the fire and brimstone, the cataclysm that a Red Sox-Yankees series brings to town.

Q&Amp;A: Big Plans

The conventional wisdom on journalism school--particularly the expensive graduate programs--has long been that you're paying a lot of money for a handful of connections.

The Slobo I Know

A hot day in late June 1992. Fighting had erupted around Sarajevo in April and, by now, has spread through much of Bosnia. I am standing on the platform of the old station in Subotica, a small town in northern Serbia.

Slavery's New Face

Christi Elangwe must have dazzled the human-resources department at Kmart with her brilliant smile and invincible humor--they hired her on the spot, and she started work just before Thanksgiving. "I'm the greeter," the 23-year-old says enthusiastically over popcorn shrimp at a Shoney's restaurant near Washington, D.C. She has opened her first bank account and is finally saving for college.

Gay Life In The 21St Century

Some loved our March 20 cover story; others hated it. Altogether more than 700 readers wrote to us and shared their strong views on 'Gay Today.' A forum.Words are not enough to express my gratitude to NEWSWEEK and all the individuals featured in "Gay Today," (Special Report, March 20).

A High-Technology Crash

It was, of course, an arrogant thing to say. But this was the bold, booming world of Seattle high tech, and Patrick Naughton was very rich, very powerful--and only 34 years old. "The decisions I make change the world--and I've never made a wrong decision in my life," a colleague recalls Naughton recently boasting at a meeting.He wasn't all wrong.

Man Vs. Machine

THE HOPE OF HUMANITY IS IN a good mood. On a bitterly cold Sunday in late April in Moscow, less than a week before embarking for New York City to represent our species in a battle that may one day become the prime landmark in technology's ineluctable march to surpass its makers, Garry Kasparov is padding around his mother's roomy apartment in slippers, a knit vest and khakis.