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Kid Gloves

IN SEPTEMBER, AFTER THE DEMOCRATS' feel-good convention, Bill and Hillary Clinton were ""not rejoicing'' over the president's lead in the polls, said a close adviser. ""Neither one wants to tempt fate.'' Clinton's whole career had been a series of wild rides; an easy finish in this race, Clinton's last, seemed inconceivable.

Gay Families Come Out

THERE WERE MOMENTS IN Claire's childhood that seemed to call for a little... ingenuity. Like when friends came over. How could she explain the presence of Dorothy, the woman who moved into her Chicago home after Claire's dad left?

Three Is Not Enough

In 1990, Americans claimed membership in nearly 300 races or ethnic groups and 600 American Indian tribes. Hispanics had 70 categories of their own.To most Americans race is as plain as the color of the nose on your face.

'I Know I'll Get Through This'

..EX.-FROM "DEN OF LIONS," BY TERRY ANDERSON. (COPYRIGHT) 1993 BY TMS CORPORATION. TO BE PUBLISHED BY CROWN PUBLISHERS, INC. The green Mercedes, sparkling clean in the weak morning sunlight, drifted to a gentle halt in the narrow road, just a few yards up the hill from the graffiti-covered monument to Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Cross-Dressed For Success

For four months earlier this year, New Yorkers streamed downtown to the Film Forum to catch Jennie Livingston's exhilarating, mindstretching documentary Paris Is Burning.

Senator Robb's Walk On The Wild Side

It may have been a midlife crisis, no different from what thousands of other American males go through. But last weekend, Virginia Sen. Charles Robb's life passage was scheduled to be explored in embarrassing detail on NBC television's "Expose." A straight-arrow former Marine who is on Washington's short list of presidential contenders, Robb apparently took a walk on the wild side during his term as governor of Virginia (1982 to 1986).