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Study: No Matter How Crazy, Health Care Myths Take Hold

by Kate Dailey and Sarah Kliff Yesterday, Barney Frank's takedown of a young woman comparing health-care reform to Nazi policy was heralded by reform advocates as long-overdue counterstrike against an increasingly absurd campaign of misinformation.

Rx for Poor Vision: Video Games

The idea that experience alters the adult brain in fundamental ways has finally become accepted, so the battle lines have formed around which aspects of brain function are too basic, too hard wired, for experience to change them.

Antibiotics for Colds, and Other Tales from the Trenches

Among the many, many (really many) doctors who have written in to berate me for my column in this week's magazine claiming that "doctors hate science" (which was shorthand and headline-speak for "why doctors are so reluctant to embrace evidence-based medicine and comparative-effectiveness research"), quite a few made a crucial point.