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Mail Call: Angry Young Men From One Town

"The Martyr Factory": Readers were fascinated by the tale of a small Libyan town's disproportionate contribution to the pool of Iraqi suicide bombers. One found Kevin Peraino's cover story "historically interesting, insightful and painfully revealing of the festering, fearful issues that exist in the Middle East today." Another pointed to the "lethal combination of indolence, hopeless economic and marital prospects, and a fanatical religion—where vengeance against the United States, a...

Mail Call: Seoul's Leader

Readers of our March 3 article on South Korea's President Lee took us to task. One said, "The leftist government's defeat does not negate all its achievements." Another wrote, "Roh Moo Hyun's Korean is excellent, as are his speeches." A third simply rejected our comparison of Lee to Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Real McCoy

This season on 'Law & Order,' Sam Waterston gets a big promotion. We don't think it's big enough.

Mail Call: A Crisis of Faith

A Dark Night of the SoulReaders of Christopher Hitchens's Sept. 10 piece on Mother Teresa defended the nun staunchly. "Great saints have grave crises of faith," wrote one.

Eight Women's Paths to Power

These eight women came from many different backgrounds, but they all had big dreams. The path to power meant facing obstacles and their biggest fears.

Into Thin Air

This story was reported by Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border; Zahid Hussain in Islamabad; Rod Nordland in Tora Bora; Mark Hosenball, Michael Hirsh, Michael Isikoff, John Barry, Dan Ephron and Eve Conant in Washington; Christopher Dickey in Paris, and Roya Wolverson in New York. It was written by Evan Thomas.

BeliefWatch: Banned?

Moshe Milstein, a religious Jew who is incarcerated at the federal prison in Otisville, N.Y., wants his Maimonides back. Officials at the Otisville prison recently removed hundreds of books from the chapel library there—including, Milstein charges in court documents, works by the great 12th-century rabbi and physician Maimonides as well as the Zohar, the ancient text upon which the mystical practice of Kabbalah is based.

Doctors' Arrests Suggest New Type of Threat

DOCS OF WAR blared the headline in the London Daily Mirror. That pretty much sums up the shock of Britons who awoke on Tuesday to the news that at least seven out of the eight people arrested so far in the London and Glasgow terror plots are young foreign-born doctors and medical students in some way affiliated with the United Kingdom's vast National Health Service (NHS).Thanks to the mass of evidence available to the police from the failed bombings and to forthcoming information from those who...

The Principal Principle

Many things go into making a high school great, but a strong, effective principal is always at the top of the list. As part of our survey of America's Best High Schools, we take a look at the many roles a head must play.

Mail Call: A Matter of Faith

Readers of our Nov. 13 cover story on evangelicals drew a line between public and personal morality. "It is deplorable to involve religion in politics," one said.

Letters to the Magazine

Embracing a New Evangelical Awakening Readers responded in droves to our SPECIAL REPORT on the complexities and conflicts among evangelicals. Many thought evangelicals have been too busy seeking power and passing judgment with a divisive agenda. "The alliance between the Republican Party and the Moral Majority has reduced discourse to holy war and weakened our democracy," one said.

Mail Call: An Existential Choice

Readers of our Sept. 4 cover story on choosing to be childless mused over the trend. "If people feel compelled not to have kids, so be it," opined one. Wait, advised an old-fashioned parent: "Interview the same happy, childless people in 40 years--everything we do affects our lives."Thanks for your cover story "Whatever Happened to Having Kids?" (Sept. 4).

Family Travel: Camping With Your Kids

Mary Bouldin and her husband, Bryan, have had their share of camping fiascoes. Hiking with their 10-month-old son, Blake, in the Florida panhandle, they got lost and set up camp outside a rural church at 1 a.m., only to get rousted by police at dawn.

Letters to the Magazine

Many readers of our cover story were saddened to see Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet even before it had completed one orbit since its discovery. "Why judge in such a hurry?" one asked; "1930 was only four months ago in Pluto time." Some wrote us in the guise of angry Plutonians, and several poked fun at the former planet. "Poor puny Pluto.


Readers of our June 12 report on Europe's failing schools agreed the system is broken. "Excellent report," praised one; "timely," agreed another. "The malaise extends to higher education," said a third.

Measuring the Quality of Education

Parents, students and school officials graded our May 8 cover story on America's Best High Schools. Most focused on the role AP courses play. One mother said, "For some students, APs offer a genuine opportunity.

Letters to the Magazine

The Food-News Media FrenzyReaders remain confused by the seemingly contradictory health and diet information reported by the media, as explored in our March 13 cover story.

'You Were Terrible'

Look out Martha, the Donald is gunning for you. "I'm tired of Martha blaming me for her failure," Donald Trump roared over the phone to NEWSWEEK on Tuesday.Trump was referring to comments Martha Stewart made in the current edition of NEWSWEEK about why her version of "The Apprentice" failed. (NBC declined to renew Stewart's version of the program after its initial season).

Mail Call: A Soldier of Israel Turned Peacemaker

The incapacitation of Ariel Sharon (Jan. 16) worried many of our readers. One wrote, "I am much aggrieved by Sharon's sudden illness and pray for his recovery." Others challenged his overtures for a settlement with the Palestinians. "There may have been territorial withdrawals under his leadership," one said, "but not a real peace." Still, another noted, "let us hope that whoever emerges to complete the journey that Sharon has commenced will have the courage to traverse the bridge to peace."I...

Mail Call

Our Oct. 10 report on cronyism in the Bush White House drew cries of indignation. One called it "a growing stain on democracy." Another hoped that America appreciates "the harm caused by its present leaders."Karl Rove and Tom Delay, fueled by millions in corporate money, have taken the GOP, the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, and turned it into a front for special interests and lobbyists like Jack Abramoff ("Troubled Waters," Oct. 10).