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No Longer Just in Your HeadReaders responding to our May 19 cover package appreciated our extensive reporting on the reality of pain and available treatments. "I am so tired of people frowning on my recurring migraines.

The Practical Futurist: Is Biowire In Your Future?

The computer industry always promises us "standards"--but then proceeds to deliver hardware and software that just doesn't happen to work well with that of other manufacturers, or with previous versions of the same product.

Mail Call: Show Us The Proof

Our Feb. 17 Special Report on America's plans for war stirred readers up. Many thought Colin Powell's evidence at the United Nations "did not make the case." A few lashed out at George Bush's policies on world issues.

The Editor's Desk

As we were working on this week's cover package, I kept wondering why the press has not paid more attention to George W. Bush's religious beliefs. Some have (including the excellent Web site, but a LexisNexis search finds only 23 articles devoted to the subject.

Mail Call

Skeptics on America's Plans for CombatResponding to our Feb. 17 Special Report, "The War Plan," readers said they were unconvinced by the evidence presented to the United Nations by Secretary of State Colin Powell. "Do not confuse the messenger with the message," one declared. "Powell is eloquent, but his presence should not be misinterpreted as 'the case,' which must actually be made before such a horrific undertaking as war is pursued." Others worried about the damage the battle plan could...

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Determining the Lesser of Two EvilsResponses to our Jan. 13 cover package confirmed that Americans remain divided over the handling of the dual crises in Iraq and North Korea.

Guilt Free TV

In The Beginning, There Was Big Bird. Now, Thanks To Intense Competition From Disney And Nick, There Are More Quality Shows For Preschoolers Than Ever.

Mail Call: Living With A Sniper In The Backyard

Living With a Sniper in the BackyardReaders worried that our Oct. 21 cover, "The Tarot Card Killer," put the sniper in the spotlight. "Your cover story about the sniping attacks in D.C. was excellent," one said. "However, I wonder if the media are making things worse by publicizing these crimes." Many objected to the cover image--with what one called "its snappy graphics of red cross hairs" and a "creepy death card." Another asked, "Why not dub him 'The Pathetic Loser Who Can Only Express His...

A Tale Of Two Hogs

The pork board keeps reminding Americans how lean pork is, and if you don't believe it, you should look at some pigs. An obvious place to begin is in northeastern Iowa, where a farmer named Gary Lynch keeps 100,000 or so hogs at any one time, spread out over six counties in vast steel sheds holding 1,000 animals each.

Bin Laden's Bad Bet

In one of his legendary moments of brilliance, Sherlock Holmes pointed the attention of the police to the curious behavior of a dog on the night of the murder.

Mail Call: The Cia's Troubles

Our June 10 investigative cover story on the terrorists who eluded the CIA generated equal measures of praise for our reporting and anger at the federal agencies that missed the clues.

Wiring The New Docs

Today's Medical Students Use An Unprecedented Array Of Sophisticated Teaching Aids. But How Does That Translate Into Action When A Patient's Heart Rate Soars And His Blood Pressure Plunges?


Mail Call How We'll Work: Tomorrow's Office It's great that technological advances are enabling parents to work from home and be more active in their children's lives," wrote one reader about our April 29 cover story.

Torture Based On Sex Alone

Rodi Alvarado Pena cleans houses for a living, thinks about her two children in Guatemala and waits. For six years she has been in the United States seeking asylum, watching her case go back and forth in a flurry of dizzying inconsistency.

In The Shadow Of Mandela

South African President Thabo Mbeki is in Washington today, hoping to sell U. S. leaders on a cause dear to his heart: the Millennium Africa Recovery Plan (MAP).

How To Ace College

There's so much focus on how to get into college these days, and not much advice about what to do once you get there. Back in the 1980s, the then Harvard president Derek Bok asked Richard J.


Our May 7 story on Vladimir Putin prompted mixed reviews about the Russian leader. "Putin's ideals could be dangerous if it means sacrificing individual freedom," said one reader. "Putin is at least holding Russia together and preventing it from sliding into chaos," dissented another.

Mail Call

Responding to our cover story on Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and the roots of evil, some readers said the convicted man should be put to death. "Die he certainly must," declared one, "if there is to be closure in this chapter of our history." But others expressed concern about capital punishment. "How is sitting down in a room and watching a man die any better than killing 168 people with a van full of explosives?" asked one.

Surviving Sleepovers

A few weeks ago Charlotte, Phoebe and James Huth--who give their ages as 4 3/4, 7 3/4 and 10 3/4, respectively--were model hosts of a sleepover. Four friends arrived at their Newton, Mass., home at 4 p.m.

Sports: Michelle's Next Turn

Elegant even in her practice uniform of basic black, Michelle Kwan flashes across the ice with energy and grace. Despite the early hour and an audience of just three people, she floats through each jump; her glide is sublime, and she invests every spin and finger extension with emotion.

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Waging the Crypto WarOur cover story on cryptography, from Steven Levy's new book, elicited strong opinions. "No event in human history has so fundamentally altered the relationship between government and governed as the crypto breakthrough," declared one reader.

Investing, After The Bubble Making It Back

It's over, like a bad romance. your mother told you dot-coms were no good and would let you down hard, but you didn't believe her. Now you're singing the blues, with your beloved Yahoo, Priceline and iVillage down 85 percent or more in price.Will they, and you, ever relive that peak experience of a year ago?

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Many readers of our Sept. 25 Special Report on Prague's IMF summit and the new young capitalists were optimistic about Eastern Europe's future. But some observers worried that the current generation was more concerned with worldly possessions than hard work.

Sun, Surf And Surgery

The Yan Hee Hospital in Bangkok runs what you might call a full-service operation. The gleaming institution--where staffers on in-line skates glide through the spacious lobby carrying files--is Thailand's largest-volume cosmetic-surgery hospital.

Mail Call

Our July 31 report "Understanding Autism" drew a huge response from readers, many of them thanking us for focusing attention on what some consider an epidemic. "Your article will educate millions of people who have never before considered how common autism is," a grateful parent wrote.

Parents Shouldn't Be On Call All The Time

I expected the usual ride request or just an update from one of my teenagers when I got the "message waiting" signal as I turned on my cell phone. Instead I heard my 14-year-old daughter say the words all parents dread: "Mom.

Atomic Energy: Yeas And Nays

Readers of our Oct. 18 story "Where Is the Next Chernobyl?" fueled another round of discussions on nuclear energy. "Everyone knows the disasters it may bring about for the human race," one reader warned.

Hmos Go Under The Knife

When he lost both of his top front teeth in a skiing accident nine years ago, Jason Wolff thought he was covered. And indeed, his dental plan paid an oral surgeon to reimplant the teeth.