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'NBA 2K20' Best Badges for All Builds

\"NBA 2K20\" has dozens of Badges for players to unlock and upgrade, and we want to push you toward the best ones. Here are the five best options for Finishing, Playmaking, Shooting and Defense.

'NBA 2K20' Best Builds

\"NBA 2K20\" has dozens of possible build options, and we want to make sure you find the right one for your MyPlayer. Here are some of the best builds for Centers, Slashers, Stretch and more.

Older, Fitter And Faster

When the American women's soccer team triumphed in the World Cup eight summers ago, Kristine Lilly was the quiet one. The media's adoring coverage— which created an unlikely new breed of American sports heroes—centered on the photogenic superstar Mia Hamm.

50 Plus One

Get ready for the divider, not the uniter, when President Bush delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday to a packed House chamber. It will be a ceremonial evening, with Chief Justice John Roberts likely to be joined by newly confirmed Associate Justice Samuel Alito in the front row to look up admiringly at the man who made their careers.After half the Senate Democrats voted to confirm Roberts, Bush figured he could lose a couple dozen votes and still get a conservative justice confirmed.

Rhetoric vs. Reality

If Al Gore hadn't messed up in the debates in 2000, he'd be president today. All or nothing, that's how much is riding on the debates that get underway next week in Miami.

A Shoe Mogul Scores Big

For 20 years, Wayne Weaver worked in a stately office lined with burled walnut at the Connecticut headquarters of Nine West Group, the shoe company he helped found.

Leaping Through The Loopholes

What does Neiman Marcus, the fancy department-store chain, have in common with the Gartner Group consulting outfit? No, the answer isn't that they both get to charge high prices because they have such upscale images.

At&Amp;T's Golden Boy

When you drive up to AT&T's headquarters building in exurban Basking Ridge, N.J., the first thing you see is the giant statue of Golden Boy, AT&T's corporate symbol, glinting in the sunlight.

Brand Power

A YEAR AGO GENERAL MOTORS WAS putting the finishing touches on the Jimmy Ultimate, a luxury version of its popular sport utility vehicle. Then Jeff Cohen came to town, and he didn't like what he saw.

Fergie's Fancy Footwork

FOR A DEBT-ENCUMBERED DIVORCEE WHO claims a history of low self-esteem, last week was one jolly bit after another. The Duchess of York bounced from a denim-clad chat with Diane Sawyer to an adoring embrace from Oprah to a party at New York's ""21'' Club--all to promote her new book.

Stocking Up On Loopholes

Du Pont, the company that used to boast of creating "Better things for better living through chemistry," ought to update its slogan. These days, Du Pont seems to be making a better living through alchemy--specifically.

Getting Nasty On Wall Street

If any one company symbolizes the problems Value Line faces in the market-place, it's a tiny Chicago firm named Morningstar, In 1986, while Value Line passed up chances to launch a product for mutual-fund investors, Morningstar stepped in.

Arafat Plays Rope-A-Dope

ONCE AGAIN, THE WHOLE WORLD seems to be ganging up on Yasir Arafat. Israel accuses him of negotiating in bad faith. Jordan warns him to toe its line. Syria encourages his most lethal enemies.

Beauty Is The Soul Of Witt

WHEN KATARINA WITT announced plans for an VW Olympic comeback and a shot at a third gold medal, the skating world was baffled. Why would Witt, the sultry German star who dominated ladies' figure skating in the '80s, embark on a course that risked an embarrassing failure?

Always Open To Its Customer?

There's no bouncy jingle, no happy tune. As television commercials go, the spot for Denny's restaurants is decidedly unorthodox. A PLEDGE TO YOU FROM THE PEOPLE OF DENNY'S, reads a line on the screen.

The Puzzle Of Clintonomics

There have been two Bill Clintons in the past year. The first is Bill the Bold. He's a guy who seems eager to break with past dogmas and face the daunting problems of government.