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'I Built and Live in a Tiny House'

My initial build costs came to $32,000, and now I probably pay around $350 to $400 of costs each month. So my tiny home has actually helped me through COVID-19. I lost my job in February and if I had to pay regular rent and bills, I would have nothing.
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5 Types of Bidet and Choosing What's Best for Your Bottom

Originating first in Europe and taking the western world by storm in recent years, the use of bidets as a more hygienic alternative to toilet papers is slowly gaining popularity in the US market. Take a step back and learn about the variations of bidet available in the market today.
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Omen 800: The Ultimate Team Interaction Headset Piece

Crystal clear communication is vital for effective team interaction. With supreme comfort, immersive soundscape, multi-dimensional audio, and clarity under control, your team is fully immersed in a conducive environment that gives an added advantage to deliver more.