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'NBA 2K20' Best Builds

"NBA 2K20" has dozens of possible build options, and we want to make sure you find the right one for your MyPlayer. Here are some of the best builds for Centers, Slashers, Stretch and more.

In Gold Blood

After a toxic battle, a slice of Transylvania looks set to become Europe's biggest gold mine

A McCartney Tour Guide

Usually, when a music legend announces, "And here's a song from my latest record," the unspoken response from the audience is "OK, but you'd better follow it with some hits." Sometimes this dynamic makes sense; mega-artists tend to draw big crowds even after the muse of inspiration has long since left the building.


Nigeria: A Change in the PipelineFinally, the prospect of an Islamic victory the West can welcome. From Algeria to Iraq and the Palestinian territories, the United States and Europe have promoted free elections, only to see fundamentalists surge ahead.

Romp and Roll

The drag queen host (Justin Bond) of the Brooklyn salon that gives John Cameron Mitchell's "Shortbus" its name, surveys the room where a frisky and friendly orgy is in full swing, and pronounces: "It's just like the '60s … only with less hope."It's a great line, destined to be much quoted.

The New Wisdom of the Web

Why is everyone so happy in Silicon Valley again? A new wave of start-ups are cashing in on the next stage of the Internet. And this time, it's all about ... you.


BY ADAM PIORE WITH JON BOROSHOK, DEVIN GORDON AND STEFAN THEIL The U.S. water-polo team was tired of losing. So team executive director Bruce Wigo came up with a plan that didn't require a Speedo or any underwater rough stuff.


Readers trying to size up the presidential candidates said they found our Aug. 2 cover story very helpful. "Thank you for your thoughtful, well-reasoned evaluation of John Kerry," one said. "As one of many disillusioned Republicans, I would rather vote for a serious, cautious politician who is flexible enough to change his mind about important issues than a cowboy with a 19th-century mind-set who is too quick on the trigger and shoots from the hip." Others were unimpressed. " 'In Search of John...

Betting On Reform

An incongruous name adorns one new housing estate in teeming Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). "Animikha," translated from Bengali, means "so beautiful, beholders cannot blink." Surrounded by reclaimed wasteland at the fringe of the migrant-choked metropolis, the low-rise complex is no sooner beheld than one cannot but blink in the clouds of swirling dust.