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Reaching Your Peak: Real Men Do Yoga

BY JOHN CAPOUYA Slowly, deliberately, the slender man raises his arms overhead, stretching high for a Salute to the Sun. Concentrating intently, he moves to the rhythm of his breath, now tilting his upper body forward, parallel to the floor, while balancing on one leg.

The Arrogant Empire

America's Unprecedented Power Scares The World, And The Bush Administration Has Only Made It Worse. How We Got Here--And What We Can Do About It Now.

Betting On A Recovery

Alan Greenspan isn't the type to give high-fives or dance in the end zone. But if his Federal Reserve colleagues were an NFL team, they might be sending the waterboy to the locker room to ice the champagne.

A New Day' In Korea

Kim Jong Il's coming-out party actually started in Pyongyang on March 5. On that day, NEWSWEEK has learned, North Korea's shadowy "great leader" dropped in at the Chinese Embassy and set out to greet his country's oldest allies.

Reaching For The Sky

If good will and warm wishes alone could bring peace to the Mideast, Ehud Barak's work would be done. Since taking office in July, Israel's new prime minister has received a hero's welcome among his Arab neighbors.

Europe Vs. The Car

EVERY TRAVELER TO LONDON knows the story. You alight at Heathrow Airport, hot and bothered from a long flight. Your brain's still in New York and your bags are in Nairobi.

Peeling Paint

PAINTING HAS HAD A ROUGH TIME since the end of the 1980s, when the market for neoexpressionism collapsed and ambitious young artists went back to making installation art.

The New Burb Is A Village

THE DAILY LANDSCAPE OF AMERICA, AS EVER MORE people experience it, consists of an office building and a ranch house, linked by a freeway--a closed loop, the yang and yin of life balanced at either end of a 90-minute drive.

Putting It All In The Pipeline

SCIENCE WRITER JAMES GLEICK, 40, is the author of the best seller "Chaos: Making a New Science" and "Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman." A year and a half ago, he went online for the first time--in search of an Internet bridge game--only to be met by a puzzling response on the screen: "$," a Unix command-line prompt.

Back In The Saddle Again

PERCHED ATOP A DARK BROWN GELDING named Baypark, jockey Julie Krone shot up from behind along the outside of the track, driving her horse hard down the stretch and into third place.

Big Brother's Holding Company

THINK JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER. Andrew Carnegie. Cornelius Vanderbilt. Think mogul--and maybe robber baron. With last week's announcement of their proposed $22 billion merger, John C.

Clinton's Growing Pains

The power and the glory of the Age of Bill were streaming into the East Room. There, Thomas (Mack) McLarty, the White House chief of staff, had assembled everyone for a pep talk.

Who's Better Off?

This is a tale of two countries that could not be more different-and two men who once were very much alike. By the end of the 1980s, the United States and Japan were headed in opposite directions.



Cloakrooms And Daggers

HELP WANTED: Secretary-General, the United Nations. Salary: $190,000 per year. Benefits: enormous prestige, opportunities for travel. Responsibilities: flexible.

The War For The West

The West has always been a boundless proving ground for the best and worst of the American impulse. Waves of white settlers, lured by the promise of free land, came to test their force of will and character against the frontier.

The Might And Myth Of The B-52

Someone over 30 you can trust. The patches B-52 crewmen stick on their flight jackets sum up their affection for the gigantic bomber known in the Air Force as the BUFF - "Big Ugly Fat Fellow." So far, high-tech fighter jets and cruise missiles have captured the headlines in the air war against Iraq.