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Online Voting Threatens 32 States

Research has detailed the myriad vulnerabilities posed by online voting, such as the potential for denial-of-service attacks, server penetration and the alteration of ballots through malware.

Apples And Oranges: Swine Flu Versus SARS

History repeats itself, but not without wrinkles. We pick apart the connections: The ComparisonWith the world in a panic over swine flu, it's starting to feel like 2003, when SARS was the raging contagion flooding the news, threatening to wipe out mankind and sending people racing to their local drugstores for cheap masks.

The Fight Against the Flu

The lethal H5N1 virus was found last week in birds in Europe. So far it has spread between humans in only a few suspected cases, but with no cure in sight, global health officials are nervously watching their borders and preparing for the worst.