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The Secret-Keeper

Reclusive philanthropist Bunny Mellon talks exclusively to NEWSWEEK about life, and secrets buried in her gardens.

Dining the Nordic Way

My first encounter with Nordic cuisine was in Iceland, where over the course of a wintry week two years ago, I tried whale, reindeer, and hákarl, shark meat that is left to rot in the ground for two months and dried for a few more. (The recommended chaser? A Brennivín schnapps, lovingly called the "black death.")

Taking Steps to Better Health

Both of us were on vacation over the last few weeks, and that inspired us to test out pedometers. In case this word is entirely new to you, a pedometer is basically a little gadget that you attach to your belt or waistband.


Panoramic sunsets and whimsical doll museums. Paranormal phenomena and 1940s-era motels. High art and cowboy kitsch. Across the expanses of Big Bend country, at Texas's extreme southwestern border, attractions run from oddball to sophisticated, quaint to amazing.

The Macphersons: Week 40: Crusin'

If we did not drown in the dark first, we would visit the earth's most beautiful beach. We had anchored off the southwest end of Koh Muk, a tiny island in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand.

All I Want For Christmas...

As we all know-and forget-the best gifts aren't necessarily the ones that leave us brown-bagging it through March to pay MasterCard. Perhaps the wildest, most wonderful gift-book find of the year is the modestly priced Asafo!

One Nation, One Curriculum?

In the last three years, 10-year-old Nick Lang's family has moved from Alaska to Colorado to Texas. For Nick, the moves !ant three very different schools in three very different districts.

Slaughter Of The Innocents

Far from the battlefields of Iraq and Kuwait, an eruption of gunfire in Michigan and Nebraska adds some heartbreaking, home-front casualties to the body count of the gulf war "Death is never fair."The chaplain's words carried across the open-air theater outside Riyadh, where row on row of soldiers in desert camouflage, men and women from the Third Battalion of the 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, sat listening.