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American Beat: Art Worship

The guy standing in front of New York's Museum of Modern Art wearing an oversized $20 bill was protesting the newly renovated museum's astounding $20 admission fee.

Plain Text: The Tech-Support Generation

Next week, millions of college students and young professionals will head home for the Thanksgiving holidays. We'll sit with our families in warm, candle-lit dining rooms eating stuffed turkey, reminiscing over old photographs, preparing holiday shopping lists and ...

The Secret Money War

The 527 Forces: They Don't Work For Any Party Or Campaign. But They're Rich, Virtually Unregulated--And May Be Hijacking The Race For The White House.

The Healing Power Of Conversation

Amid the clamor of our relentless attempts to find feeling--talk-show confessionals, the staged gamesmanship of reality TV--it can be easy to forget the miracles of possibility in one of the regular old foundations of connection: talking and listening.Tricia Rose, a professor of American Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, reminds us of the transformative power of conversation in her terrific collection of oral histories: "Longing to Tell: Black Women Talk About Sexuality and...


In investigating the Sept. 11 attack, few tasks are more difficult--and potentially more ominous--than unraveling the role of a mysterious Iraqi official named Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani.

Ready For Their Close-Up

Judging from the response to our May 15 story "'Dinosaur' Mania," our readers found the subject itself fascinating. Some were excited about the special effects the new Disney movie is being praised for; others were skeptical about the dino stars' dialogue. "After watching a mockingbird chase a cat along the back fence," wrote one, "I have no trouble believing that birds are descended from Velociraptors." Admitted another: "I am a 42-year-old who still loves the critters." Dino Drama...


""We'll give you lawyers; you could give us engineers.'' President Clinton, in response to Chinese President Jiang Zemin's statement that China has only 115,000 lawyers""I have apologized to the England players and management, and I want every England supporter to know how deeply sorry I am.'' England World Cup midfielderDavid Beckham(and Spice Girl fiance), after being sent off the field in an elimination match against Argentina""It's a feeling that's like the day I got married, the day...

King Of The Urban Jungle

DISNEY MOVIES SPEAK TO THE KID IN all of us. And since kids like the same healthful stuff-mother love, frolicking in the grass with other kids and pretending to be heroes - the Disney appeal is nearly universal.

Spielberg's Obsession

THERE WAS A MAN NAMED OSKAR SCHINDLER, A German Catholic businessman and confidant of the Nazis, who during the Holocaust protected and rescued some 1,200 Jews from almost certain death.

The War Within

Like most wars, Operation Desert Storm was begun in a noble spirit of common purpose and national unity. But within a week it was mired in domestic politics and rivalries.