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Key Nutrition Tips to Optimize Immunity During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has recently put a much-deserved spotlight on how a strong immune system and good dietary habits can give a fighting chance against diseases. Here are a few nutrition tips that will help you substantially elevate your dietary habits to strengthen your immune system.

'Love Nikki' Void Singer Event Guide

The latest "Love Nikki" War of Void Singer Event is here! Check out our complete guide to tricky Overlock Invasion stages, plus tips for the Space Cube quiz, futuristic clothing choices and more.

The Last Nazi Hunter

Efraim Zuroff has spent four decades doggedly chasing Holocaust criminals, but when his pursuit led him to Lithuania, the fight got personal.

Tips for Your Graduation Day

If you are giving a speech, chop it in half, then read it to a 21-year-old and watch for the smartphone—plus other tips from an old pro

The Science of Shampoo: What the Ingredients Mean

There's no shame in admitting that your hair affects your mood. According to a Dove Hair Care survey, one out of  every four women has avoided an activity due to unruly hair and 88 percent say good hair boosts their confidence.