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Will the Herbal-Cigarette Ban Make a Quitter Out of Don Draper?

  On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration began enforcing a ban on flavored-cigarette sales in the U.S. The ban, part of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, puts the kibosh on selling, importing, distributing, or manufacturing any flavored cigarette (save for menthol), meaning you can smoke 'em if you got 'em, but getting them is going to be difficult.

A Growing Cornucopia Of Organic Opinions

Our Sept. 30 cover story, "Should You Buy Organic?" offered readers plenty of food for thought. One new mother, convinced of the benefits of eating organic, wrote, "I never really understood exactly what 'organic' meant.


FUND-RAISING Giving Hillary a Helping Hand Recent polls call the New York Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Republican Rep. Rick Lazio a dead heat, but the First Lady is lagging in the race for dollars.

Weighing Alternatives

PEEKE: I think we're experiencing a backlash against many of the ways that conventional medicine has been practiced. People are looking for alternatives to drugs they believe to be fraught with side effects.

'One Step Better Than Reality'

ANIUBIS CASTILLA LIKES HERBAL Ecstacy, but she likes the rival Cloud 9 better. "Two pills," she says, "and you feel a tingle." Castilla, 21, lives in Hialeah, outside Miami, but spends most of her time in South Beach.

An Industry Unmonitored

The bad news: Do you know what you're swallowing? Vitamins and supplements now have no federal manufacturing and safety rules. Lisa Woolworth, 34, a Chicago paralegal, is a self-confessed pill popper.