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Murder in the Air

Twenty-five years on, a Lockerbie widow recalls the day she lost a husband and her three small children lost a father

"We Pretend the Vets Don't Exist"

All across America veterans are committing suicide at unprecedented rates, but no one has been able to answer why. Author and former marine Anthony Swofford gets to the bottom of an epidemic.

Richer but Repressed

China is wealthier than ever, yet corruption, censorship, and deep social problems are pervasive. What's more important—money or freedom?

Dueling Manifestos

A Taliban letter sounds a newly moderate note while the Haqqani faction puts out a how-to book for jihad.

The Road Ahead

Three Nobel economists share their thoughts on what went wrong, and what can be done to fix things.

Demise of the Dictators

In lands that have been plundered and tyrannized, the Arab Revolution of 2011 has been smoldering for decades. What finally turned resignation into rebellion.