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Movies: "Up," Up and Away With the Kids

The little animation studio that could, Pixar was established in 1986 not as a cartoon factory but as a computer manufacturer. Many on the skeleton staff were cartoonists at heart, but the shorts they produced on company time were designed to promote the company hardware.

Morning Mix: Winners Edition

SAG Awards!  The Screen Actors Guild rewarded the predictable (Tina Fey for "30 Rock," the first couple in "John Adams") but there were a few surprises: Sean Penn for "Milk" over Globe-winner Mickey Rourke, for example, or Meryl Streep for "Doubt" -- though, it is Meryl Streep.  She was shocked to win, and while showing off her black pants, said, "I didn't even buy a dress!"  The cast of "Slumdog Millionaire" took home the top cast prize.  Full list of winners here: [Associated Press]There...

Gross: The Second Auto Industry

Less than two decades ago, Detroit's Big Three were the U.S. auto industry. But now there's a second auto industry: one that is nonunion, foreign-owned and Dixie-based. That's why Southern senators worked so hard to block the bailout.

A Cuban Detente On Obama's Radar

Barack Obama's inauguration is still nearly two months away, but you can already hear the thawing sound over the Florida Strait. Latin America experts anticipate that Obama will quickly make good on his campaign promise to "immediately" revoke the restrictions imposed by George W.