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24 LinkedIn Rules You Might Be Breaking

Back in the day, etiquette rules were fairly simple. Always send a thank-you card. Don’t put your elbows on the table. Hold the door open for other people. However, social networks have made matters much more complicated, so we’ve compiled the ultimate list of LinkedIn dos and don’ts.

Ex-Ex-Gay Pride

Two decades after their heyday, conversion therapy advocacy groups are falling to pieces

Pentagon: Taking a Hard Look at CIFA

The Pentagon is reviewing the charter of a controversial counterspy agency set up by former Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld after 9/11. The Counter-Intelligence Field Activity (CIFA) was supposed to "coordinate" counterintel and antiterrorist reporting by myriad Pentagon spy outfits—including intel divisions maintained by all four military services.

C'mon, America, Fire Up Those Shredders

Maybe it was at the moment I found myself on my knees in my bathrobe, carefully prying tiny shards of paper out of the immobilized teeth of the shredder, that it finally hit me: The shredder had a paper jam.

Mail Call

Readers of our Jan. 30 report on the need to employ older workers took issue with some of our conclusions. One complained of firms' "blackmailing old folks into early retirement." Another thought that wasn't a bad idea: "Taxpayers want to be put out to pasture and spend some time in the sun."Your Jan. 30 article "The New Old Age" appears to be appealing to retirees who still have the urge to work, whether out of financial necessity or a choice to continue to do so.

Rove at War


Pick Me: The New Job Hunt

Officially, the country has been out of recession since November 2001, but it sure doesn't feel that way for many Americans. The unemployment rate is down to 5.7 percent, but some 8.4 million Americans are still out of work--and millions more have taken unwanted jobs just to pay the bills.

Look Who's Talking Now

IT WAS YOUR TYPICAL AIR TRAVEL nightmare. Glen Harvell, an Andersen Consulting manager, arrived at the Minneapolis airport to find his flight to D.C. had been delayed by mechanical problems.